Saturday, 31 January 2015


Not a good night last night DB was awake so we ended up drinking tea and reading for a couple of hours.

We slept in, so did not have our usual porridge but beans on toast for breakfast instead.

Over the past few days we have been having a problem with the toilet, its one of these new fangled ones with a button you push, On Wednesday I thought it was taking a long time to fill, discovered the water was not filling the cistern just running straight through. I managed to stop it a couple of times, but we reported it to the agents,

Since then we have had to wedge the arm up and use a bucket to flush. DB phoned the agents this morning and was told that because we had put in a second request for the plumber, we were due to get the shower fitted last week which was not done, we had gone to the bottom of the plumbers list. Added to which the plumber had family problems and was only doing emergency work. Why did they not ring and tell us this???? Why do they not have more than one plumber available for emergency work?  DB could not get any answer except that the plumber would contact us on Monday. They then accused us of being too needy!! 

I consider a toilet not flushing to be a health and safety matter. to have to use a bucket of water is not the most hygienic way to flush a toilet. Anyone will tell you that flushing a toilet with the lid up can send microscopic bits of faeces flying up into the atmosphere, the thought of them landing on any surface in the bathroom makes me feel ill.

DB has phoned the LL I guess we will be in trouble for doing that. She is paying them to sort out jobs,  they are not doing what they are paid for, They will still deduct the service change before sending the rental on to them.

Hey ho tomorrow is another day and we will be flushing the toilet with a bucket for at least 2 more days.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Some snow

over night, but it mostly cleared during the morning.

We were late up, I was tired last night after talking almost non stop for 2 hours in the afternoon.

Sorted out the quilt club banking and went into town to pay it in, one cheque had not been signed so we nipped up and got it signed, so it will go into the bank next week. I will pay the treasurer 6 months room rent when I see her next week.

Did a quick sketchy Friday clean, will give it a better go next week.

DB went for his siesta, I ironed and cut more strips and squares from the bits and strips box under the cutting table, there is more than 3/4's still to go. I have a couple of projects for the group that can use some of them up.

Toasted tea cake for afternoon tea, very nice on a cold day with a cup of rosy lee.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Earth Moved

We were reading in bed last night when the bed shook, there was a bang and the house shook, it took me a few minutes to realise it was an earthquake. It was centred near a village just a few miles from here. 3.8 on the scale. It does not appear to have done any damage, but the tremors were felt quite a long way away.

It was on the TV news this morning and also in the papers.

Car packed ready for this afternoon. DB took to his bed with a dizzy just after 11am. The first for a week.

Well the first class went ok, despite having a violent snow storm just before the class started, just one lady did not make it. All listened attentively to me gabbing, and seemed pleased when they left clutching their bag kits. The creative grids catalogues went so I hope every one has at least a cutting board, rotary cutter and ruler for the next meeting.

Two ladies took over making the tea and all the pots were washed up, I put them away before I left, so everything was tidy. I managed to go without the lead for the machine, there was a wireless in the office and the cable from that fitted the machine. so all was well. There were some questions asked which I managed to answer.

I am shattered, have sorted out the cash and cheques and written up the accounts.

I now have to start on the project for them when they have finished the bags...............

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Weird Weather

Really weird weather this morning, started off raining, then the sun came out, not the sky is black as ink and its hissing down.

Hope it clears I am off to collect DD2 to go shopping at Aldi. As long as it does not snow I do not mind. I am really glad we are down here just now, the weather in Scotland is dire. Had we still been at the cottage I guess we would have been snowed in again.

Have spent an hour this morning going through some of the bits and strips box. Pressing the fabric and cutting it either into squares or strips depending on the length and width of the fabric. I plan to try and spend an hour a day trying to sort the box out.

I need a load of strips for the next class project, a pot holder, I need to make a couple of samples.

We had everything on the way to Aldi and back, rain, sun, sleet ad then snow. Thankfully it did not settle.

Ready for the first session of the quilting group. I will not have this much to take to the next meeting, thank heavens. I doubt I will sleep much tonight, strangely nervous for some reason. Its not as if I have not taught before.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Cold and grey today, hope the grey is not snow, I do not wan any more snow thank you, we have had enough for this year.

Into town to change our books, DB stayed on in the library, called on the way back to the bus to make an appointment for the dentist 3 weeks wait.......good job its not urgent.

I bought some new thermal socks from the chap on the market 3 pairs for £4, will be trying them out my present ones are holey, and no longer really doing the job.

Went all over looking for spray starch, found it in Morrison £1 a can. I also got some gaffa tape to tape down the cable to the floor on Thursday, do not want any trips or falls on my watch thank you.
I had a real problem yesterday with some fabric, it was so thin, I could have done with the starch to stabilise it.

Tomorrow I am off at lunchtime to do the Aldi shop. I got a half shoulder of lamb from Morrisons reduced, so will not be getting a chicken, the lamb will do instead. Have quite a list but apart from bacon and sausage no other meat.

Prepped the sauce for tonights pasta and garlic bread. Have 2 portions of the plum sponge to finish for dessert.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Thats that done then....

It had rained during the night, put the towels out for a bit of a blow. When we got home at lunchtime it looked as if it might rain so they are on the wirer in the sitting room, if they are still damp in the morning I will stick them in the dryer for a few minutes

DB rang the council, they had asked for some details and we were not sure what they actually wanted, so after doing the Monday clean we went into the office and a young lady filled in the forms for us. One job done. Then on to the Drs and changed to a different one, this one is a lady so might see things a bit more from my perspective. Fingers crossed.

Up to the bank to draw the housekeeping for this month and the pocket money then home for lunch.

DB went for his siesta, I ironed the bed linen from yesterday and then carried on sorting fabric and cutting squares and strips.

A slice of panattone with some butter and a cup of tea I am about to go back and carry on sorting the fabric.

What is it with my husband, he has split a tooth eating his supper....I see an extraction, please not another trip to LRI at some ungodly hour because the socket is spouting forth blood as we had last year. He will need a new plate as well, I do not think they can put another tooth on the one he has at present. More money, one step forward 3 steps back..................

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunny Sunday

Dull when we first got up, but by 11.30 the sun was out and a slight breeze blowing.

Bed stripped and now on the whirly, hopefully most of it will dry, will just have to finish it off in the house.

Yesterday I was thinking about pressing at the quilting group, its integral to good patchwork to press each seam as you sew. Did not want to take my large, expensive iron, was thinking about getting a cheap one when I remembered I had a travel steam iron in the drawer unit in the shed. I found it and tested it last night, took me a while to figure out how to get the water into it but managed in the end, it worked very well, so its in the crate with two pressing pads I found at the same time and the small ironing board I got from Ikea some years ago.  It is not as heavy as an ordinary iron but left on the seam for a few moments it will press them flat.I keep finding bits that will be useful; two crates in the sewing room to put them in. Need to put in another couple of trailing sockets. as well.

I did a bit of re-arranging and got one of the machine boxes in under the table, will get the other one down from the attic, think I have room for that as well. Will be spending some time this afternoon using the go cutter to cut up small bits of fabric into squares or strips. I also plan to sort through the bits and strips box and see what can go to my quilting friend, she has links to a group who use them for project linus quilts. I will cut up the rest again into squares or strips.

Jelly rolls are very popular and I have a die for the Go which cuts 3 x 2 1/2" strips, so that could be very useful. Yardage can quickly be cut into jelly roll strips. Its also the size mostly used for quilt binding. It will also cut 2 1/2" squares as well if you need a large number of one colour you can cut 18 at a time.

Need to prep the veg for supper before I go upstairs.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Nice outside but frosty in.....

I did not sleep well again last night, was still wake reading at 3am, so deliberately did not get up until DB woke at 10.30 so we have been playing catch up all day.

I decided to do a coloured wash and hang it out, did a double spin, so hope its drying,we had a decent amount of sun and there was a breeze.

Spent a bit of time this morning in the sewing room, I really need to sort out the fabric. I am going to put the smaller bits through the cutter and cut either 2 1/2" strips or squares. The bigger bits will be ironed, re folded and put the their appropriate boxes. I tided the top of the table, putting bits into the small chest under the table so I can put my hands on them when needed. Will be going back upstairs shortly when I have drunk my tea and got the washing in until its time to cook the haggis, neeps and mash. Might need to put some of the laundry into the dryer to finish off.

Friday, 23 January 2015


Last night DB announced at 11.30pm that he had palpitations, so no sleep for me, him......oh he slept fine and announced when he woke up that the palps had settled.

The plumber came and sorted the valve on the radiator, it needed a new spindle. Once he had finished he said he would be back next week to put in our new shower.

DB put on his coat, 'going to pay my bowling fees' and off he went. OK he will be about half an hour. 2 hours later I had done the Friday clean including a deep clean of the kitchen, cooked neck of lamb for a stew and liquor for soup, and there was no sign of him.........eventually I phoned the social club, ah yes he is still here going through the trophy cabinet. I had tried ringing his phone, of course it was switched off!!

By the time he got back I was steaming, he is so self centred, its all him, him, him and what he wants to do, well the worm has more than turned. Do I care? no I damn well don't, he will get no sympathy from me ever again. He treats me like a donkey or an idiot, I am the one who has put up with him for 25 years in October and I have had enough. My BP must be sky high. He could have said when he went out that he was going to stay on, 'oh you saw me take my file out with me', so I was supposed to read his mind? His phone was switched I am telepathic as well........

Things are very frosty here!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Another very cold day, although much brighter for a change. We set the alarm a bit later this morning.

I have now got 12 bag kits ready for next week, so I just have to print off my notes and all is ready.

The play mat will also go with me, I am hoping to have time to layer it up next Thursday on the double tables. I found the backing this morning whilst I was looking for something else.

A quick trip to Morrisons for a couple of things I forgot on Tuesday, we rang and made appointments to go in and change our Doctor next Monday. I also need to go and order my glasses.

This week seems to have flown by, next week is the last week of the month and I need to do a freezer audit and do my order for Aldi. Its been a long month, but we have managed to live out of the freezer  for meat and I think we might make it through February with just buying a chicken in the meat line. The cupboards are still fairly full so it will be fresh fruit and veg needed. cheese and eggs will make up the rest.

I discovered last night that the radiator in the kitchen was leaking, so a call in to the agents, we are awaiting a visit form the plumber to see whats what.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wot no snow again!!

The forecast was for snow last night, instead we got rain. It is still very cold, heating has been on most of the day.

DB went to the U3A Kurling at the local sports centre, its based on curling but the stones are on castors and slide along the floor.

I had a couple of hours to myself whilst he was out. Finished off putting the borders on the play mat and read for a while.

Made leek and potato soup for lunch. DD2 phoned had she left her bag here yesterday, answer yes. I had put my coat on top of it when I came in yesterday afternoon, she walked over to collect it. She was going into town on the way home.

I am very tired again, have been sleeping ok, but did have a nana nap this afternoon. May have a bit of a sleep in tomorrow morning, we have nothing special on.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Another Brrrrrrrrrrrr Day

It was cold when I got up this morning. Quick trip to the library to change my books, left DB there to more more research and walked back to Morrisons to do a bit of shopping, its a good job its the end of the month next week, I have about £2 left.

Bright but very cold, lots of people walking about huddled up in warm coats, hats and scarves.

I took some YS salmon out of the freezer for tonights supper, will have it with new potato's, peas and lemon sauce. Bananas for dessert.

DD2 due to visit this afternoon, so tea cakes ready to toast when she gets here.

Took DD2 home with her shopping, we are forecast some of the white stuff tonight........

Monday, 19 January 2015

Double Brrrrrr

Very cold this morning, no snow, but a heavy frost, it took the roof of the car until lunchtime to de-frost, glad I was not going anywhere.

Parcel arrived mid morning, had done the Monday clean so was downstairs.

DB got up with a bad back this morning and was back in bed late morning with a dizzy, so everything is behind. Heat is on, too cold without it, the thermometer we have in the sitting room started to go down so back on  it went, do not care how much it costs, although we are just within our monthly payments just now.

No plans for this afternoon, we went through the photograph albums, have tossed a lot, sad, but it had to be done. I now have to sort out scanning to the computer so I can save the ones we have on the external hard drive.

Mince and tatties for supper tonight, have a rice pudding for dessert, hot comfort food is what we need whilst the weather is so cold.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Treat Morning!!

I got to lie in till just after 9am.

Its very cold, at one point it was -7c in the garden so the heat has been on all day.

Nothing much done, I emptied the laundry basket and put a load in part of which was dried in the dryer the rest is on the airer. Another load to do ready for tomorrow morning, not sure what the forecast is but I guess it will  not be out on the line.

Have to wait about for a parcel tomorrow, think it will be the afternoon before it comes.

I bought sausage rolls from Aldi we had one each heated up at lunch time with cup a soup and the remains of the garlic bread from last night, very good too.

Pork steaks for supper.

Having got the photograph albums down yesterday we have started to go through them, my goodness what memories and pictures I had forgotten we had taken, trips to France when we went looking for property. Building our house at Port Seton, France on holiday, Holland and Belgium, more trips to  France. Trips to the US, Los Angeles, Kauai, Boston. Quilt shows. Friends at various quilt events and of course pictures of the grandchildren most of whom are now grown up. I could really embarrass some of them......All of them will be scanned and put onto the hard drive. There are also pictures of friends who are no longer with us.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Freezing Saturday

We did have a heavy frost last night, the frost has only just gone from the top of the car. I woke up this morning feeling quite warm. DB had rolled over against my back, he was rolled up in most of the duvet!!

Spent the morning ridding the back bedroom window of the green mould. They are double glazed but its very old, with only a narrow gap and the seal has gone. We had the downstairs ones replaced in October, the LL says the upstairs will be replaced next summer, roll on, although I cannot complain the house is warm.

I have the steps in, this afternoon I will be venturing into the attic to get down a couple of things. DD2 wants to borrow the dehumidifier and I need to get the photograph albums down now I have the external hard drive to store them on.

Its quite bright and sunny, but very cold, will be staying inside in the warm.

The offending piece of the play mat had been pinned on the right way round, so hopefully I will manage to sew it on without any problems this time. I want to get it finished out of the way then I can concentrate on other things.

Friday, 16 January 2015


It was a lovely sunny morning and not too cold. Set off to play late Santa to DD1, visit Aldi, get my haircut and visit my quilting friend.

I wish I had not gone to Aldi, ended up spending like it was going out of fashion. I also bought my friend some lilies.

Spent a nice afternoon drinking tea,eating birthday sponge and generally putting the world to rights.

By the time I came away it was freezing and trying to snow. I hit traffic in the usual place took me 4 changes of the traffic lights to get out onto Saxby Road. OH was home before me, he had been to the History group meeting. The chap who organised yesterdays 'meet the groups' was enthusiastic about the attendance yesterday and the impact that my stand had when you walked into the hall. He was amazed at the speed I managed to set up the new group, so all in all I guess he is pleased.

I was desperate for the loo when I got in, left OH to unpack the shopping from the car.

Have not looked at yesterdays disaster, it can wait till tomorrow. I want to finish it, I need to sort out enough squares etc for two more bag kits. 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

I Am Shattered

We were up and away before 9am. Traffic into town was horrendous, it was a good job we set off early.

The event was very well attended, lots of people milling round, I filled the group and have 4 on the waiting list.

It was quite cold and windy. Called at the bowls shop to get DB his new bowling shoes, another job crossed off the list.

Home to bacon sandwiches and a large mug of tea, quite hoarse after speaking to so many people.

Sausage and bean casserole prepped with the veg for supper so I can sit and chill for a while.

 I came home and started to sash the play mat I am making for my GGD due next month......wish I hadn't so far I have sewn the sashing on the wrong way round and sewn the wrong bits on, sorted that and started to put the long strips across the middle, sewed the wrong bit on again....gggrrrrr blessed thing was upside down. My unripper has been doing sterling service. I feel like throwing the blooming thing in the bin. I need a medal for ripping out!!

Do I really need to teach 12 newbies to quilt?????? I think I need to go back and start again mysel

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wots that I see

Looks like we had a slight snow fall overnight and it has frozen, the whole road is sparkling in the sunlight. Typical we did not put the windscreen protector on, so will have to defrost the car later and put it on, we have an early start in the morning.

Took most of the day for the frost to ease we are now left with a slight sprinkling of snow on the ground. DB has bee out to clear the car and put the screen protector on. The gear for tomorrow is already in, so we just have to get up, have breakfast and go!!

DB had another dizzy today, they seem to be more frequent just now.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Another Day at The Fun Factory

Washed the towels overnight, put them out first thing, but the sky is looking distinctly like rain so they are finishing off in the dryer, should take about an hour all told.

Pot of lentil soup on the hob for lunch with some hm bread, will need to put the bread maker on again this afternoon or we will run out.

I dropped DB at the library this morning he will either walk or get the bus home, then went on to Morrisons to get a small top up shop, so far I am on target to be within the £60 I allowed myself for fresh fruit etc, we are eating meat and cheese from the freezer. I have managed to keep out of Aldi which has helped, but I will be in there next week, they have haggis for Burns night. I will have to keep the blinkers on and not buy anything else. If I have cash in my purse at the end of the month it will go into the penny tin against our holiday spending money.

I fetched the towels in just before lunch and finished them off in the dryer. We had quite a lot of rain, it went very dark and bucketed down for over an hour.

Must admit we slept better last night with the lighter duvet on the bed. I was thinking back and we did not have the heavier duvet on at all through the winter at Asfordby, so the level of insulation in the houses must be about the same. Maybe my sleep pattern will start to improve.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Dull misty morning but still quite a strong breeze. I stripped the bed and its out on the line, hopefully it will dry a bit before the rain arrives.

We managed up at a reasonable time this morning, I was cooking porridge by 8.30 and the sheets were burling round in the washer.

Monday clean done, so upstairs is sparkly again, nice fresh, ironed sheets on the bed. I have changed the duvet on the bed for a lighter one, we have both felt hot with the other one on. Have a quilt on, will see how it goes. I think I might have to have a tamper with the thermostat again, its in such a daft place. Meter read and figures posted on our energy companies site, we are tied in to our present deal until March, will then be doing a search to find a cheaper supplier if I can.

No plans for the rest of the day as yet, may spend some time up in my sewing room, I want to sort out the fabric for 3 quick quilts. Everything is ready for the U3A on Thursday just have to pick up the crates and put them in the car.

We are still getting post through for our LL, todays efforts were both junk so they are going in the bin. At least we have stopped getting his bank statements coming through.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

We made it out of bed earlier

this morning. It was bright, windy but brrrrr. I had put a load of washing in last night, so out it went this morning, by lunchtime the sky had clouded over, so I brought it in, it was mostly dry, just put it on the airer in the sitting room for a while to air.

Not much done today, DB spent some time in the garden clearing up the plant pots that had blown around. The small plastic greenhouse had blown over yesterday afternoon, so he sorted that out and checked the clematis on the fences.

I did not sleep too well again last, was looking at the ceiling at 3.30am. I hope to sleep tonight but it seems to be getting to be a habit. Will be seeing the Dr once we have changed our GP.

Turned very grey and cold after lunch, no rain forecast, but who knows?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Getting up late is becoming a habit

It was 9.30 again this morning and by 11.30 DB was in bed again with a dizzy....brilliant, that 4 he has had this week. I am getting to the stage where I dare not go out in case he has one. Yesterday he retired to bed just before supper. Fortunately I had not started to cook, it was 7.30 before we ate.

Today is a settee day. I got 3 books from the library on a one week loan so they have to go back on Tuesday, I have read two of them, just starting on the third but its quite thick.

Next door are getting new doors and windows put in, so plenty of banging and crashing.

I hope everything is ready for the  groups day at U3A on Thursday, I will check again on Wednesday to make sure.

Supper prepped just have to cook it. Have started having cheese and biscuits instead of dessert, have quite a bit of the cheese from Christmas to use up, makes a nice change.

I made leek and potato soup yesterday, we finished it off at lunch time with some fresh from the oven bread.

Friday, 9 January 2015

What a wild night

the wind was howling, it kept me awake for ages, I got up and made tea just after 3am.

We have an old plastic dustbin at the top of the garden we store rain water in. The wind has blown it over, so all the water has gone over the grass.

Its a fine morning, but still quite breezy and according to the forecast we are due higher winds shortly.

I shifted the small bookcase from the sitting room last night via Gumtree, I need to go up to the attic tomorrow. DD2 wants to borrow the dehumidifier and I want so see what else is up there that I can dispose of. Then we need to start in our bedroom, not that there is much left in there.

I have an idea for three lap quilts, I need to have a sort through my fabric stash, I need 12 lots of fabric for each one. Very simple just 5" squares arranged in strips.

Friday clean done, including the kitchen floor. Leek and potato soup on the stove.

We have appointments at the opticians at 2.30pm, we will have to pay to park, which drives me nuts. I also need to go to Yorkshire trading and the £ shop.

Yesterdays local paper....Aldi are buying the old Ambulance station and opening a shop there. It will be great, there is nothing on that side of the town, so as long as the Feefoes, they manage the town estate, keep their noses out by this time next year we may have both Aldi and Lidl. Something to look forward to.

The wind has dropped to a stiff breeze, its sunny but the wind chill makes it feel really cold.

DB having his siesta, we will go out once he gets up. if he is not down by 2pm I have to go and wake him up.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Slipped Back

We had nothing spoiling this morning, so did not set the alarm.....9.30 when I woke.... not a lot done this morning, did do a bit of sorting in the sewing room but that was it.

DB went for his siesta, I had a book I wanted to finish reading so settled down on the settee for an hour.

Very dull morning but the mist cleared at lunchtime and we had a couple of hours of sunshine, still cold though. We are forecast cold and high winds over the next few days. I will not be going far!!

So sad to read about the shootings in Paris, its our favourite city, but I would be very wary of going there just now. I do feel for the families of those who have been shot.

The book case has been collected tonight, no takers for the CD tower as yet, will leave it on for a week and then freecycle it.  No takers for the quilting books though. I will put them back into the bookcase.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


for a much better nights sleep. Did wake around midnight with DB coughing, but was soon in the land of nod again.

Very reluctant to get up this morning. We had an e mail saying a parcel is to be delivered today so visit to the library put on hold, may go later depending on what time the courier comes. DB is in bed for his siesta.

Started off fine and quite bright, now very grey and overcast, think it is trying to rain.

Supper prepped, so just have to cook it later.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


DB announced at just after midnight that he had palpitations, so after 20 minutes medication taken and an attempt, which did not work, to settle down.

Another virtually sleepless night for me and he still had them this morning, so another pill. They eventually went off around 10am. I had already phoned to cancel our eye appointments, re made them for Friday.

I got up and showered, washed my hair and then set off for Morrisons to do the bit of shopping, by the time I got back DB was in the shower, so a very easy day for us today.

I will need a nap at some point, will not be able to go all day without the way I am feeling just now.

Yesterday we sorted out more books and I listed a small bookcase and a CD tower on Gumtree, did have a message about the bookcase, but nothing further since. I have a boot full of books for the charity shop. No idea where I am going to put the few DVDs and CDs we have, will find somewhere.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Very Grey Day

it started out but at lunch time it brightened up, no heat in the sun though.

Alarm went off at 8am. I dragged myself out of bed into the shower, the water was so hot it almost scalded my feet, 2 minutes later it was running cold. I have reported it before, its a new shower should not be doing that.

Out just after 9am, down to the council to put our papers in, back via the charity shop to leave a load of books etc, more to go, condensing two bookcases into one. I have a  small bookcase and also a CD tower to go on freecycle, will be taking photos this afternoon. The sooner they have gone the better.

DD2 has asked to borrow the dehumidifier thats in the loft, so will get the steps in and also bring down the photo albums so we can go through them and chuck out what we do not want. The rest I will scan onto an external hard drive.

DB cleared 4 lots of cat shit off the front grass, I wish we could find something to use to deter them. Its horrible.

Supper prepped. DB off for his siesta, we are walking over to Tesco after he gets up, want to get the local paper and also some garlic paste. the last lot of garlic I bought started to shoot before I could use it up.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Foggy Day

freezing fog actually it has not let up all day. At just before 3pm its looking very murky.

We had our last lie in until next weekend, we have to go into town tomorrow and Tuesday this week. Time to get my eyes tested after my cataract surgery. I know I need a new lens in my glasses.

De-cluttering/downsizing has started several bags of clothes and books waiting to go to the CS in the morning, DB has spent part of the morning sorting out the books in the large book case. We need to move one of the shelves.

As we had a late breakfast we just had cup a soup at lunchtime, so supper will be a bit earlier tonight. I got 2 pork steaks out of the freezer yesterday for tonight. DB has requested another treacle sponge, it should do us for three nights desserts.

I also have plans for some of the vast amount of fabric I have, more about that later.

Some one asked where my US friends live, they used to live in Raleigh Durham, but moved back to Indianapolis some years ago, B worked for Lilley the drugs company. They are both retired. They have just came back from a trip to Vietnam.

Prayers please for my niece and her family, they live in Adelaide the house they are renting is about 20 minutes from where the fire is raging, they are on a 20 minute get out standby. The cars are packed with belongings in case they have to evacuate. They are in the process of buying a house, I pray that is ok. She has been in touch with her sister here who is keeping us in the loop.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

First snow now rain

very dank dark morning, depressing. DD2 is due sometime today not sure when.

I went onto the council planning site yesterday, the plans for the old house we had a flat in, have been knocked back and the plans re drawn.
The 4 semis have had to be made bigger and access to a toilet put in downstairs, also the big 5 bedroomed house which was to have been built at the bottom of the new drive had had to be moved to the front so it falls in line with the properties already on the road. The original access has to be blocked off and a new access point put in at the front. So despite the LL saying it would all be done and dusted by October, its not.

No real plans for the day, I need to get myself back into daily mode, getting up at 8am.

I was very tired last night DB said I was asleep before 11pm, so caught up with some of the sleep I lost the previous night.

The fridge is looking much emptier, No Aldi shopping for at least another week though maybe not at all this month, only need milk etc so  may well use Morrisons or Tesco.

Db will be resuming his research at the library on Tuesday mornings, so it will be the market for me. We are both going for eye tests this Tuesday.

I must have forgotten I had a clear out of DB's shirts, just 2 went into the bag, he has 8 polo shirts of various colours, 2 are bowling shirts. He came down stairs and cleared one complete shelf in the book case, so I guess I had better match him book for book.

I undid the bottom of my walking trousers ready to take them up, need to try them on and get DB to pin them at the right length, that could be interesting.

DD2 came this afternoon and gave me my Christmas present, a pair of sheepskin slippers, she had to wait for the right size to come in. My feet are lovely and warm now. My old slippers gave up the ghost a couple of months ago.

My friend and her husband are coming to the uk from the States in May, tonight I have booked a travel lodge for a night in Oxford so we can go down and see them. Its over 10 years since I last saw her, she came to stay with us for a week whilst her husband was in Holland on business. We are so looking forward to seeing them again.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Not a Good Night

Still awake at 3.30 am, then fell into a deep sleep. DB woke me getting out of bed.....took me ages to pull myself together,

New neighbours at the end of the row moved in today, apparently they have 2 little ones. Steve is going to find things a bit noisier than the couple who used to live there.

Nowt much done today, have been playing with fabric, not cheived  much though.

DB spent the afternoon watching programmes he had recorded on TV.

Another email fron SIL she cannot understand why the Drs cannot do anything for DB's dizzies......does not seem to grasp the concept that because they do not know why he gets them they cannot do anything about it. AArrgghhhhh guess we are going to be  targeted with this at regular intervals.

It had been a fine but very windy day. pity I had not laundry to dry, it would have dried in no time on the whirly today.

Once the weekend is past its back to normality or what passes for it in this house.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

I Wish Health, Wealth and Happiness to all my readers for 2015.

We went to bed at 9.30pm. and lay reading, someone let a banger off just outside, I had palpitations never mind DB!!!

No intention of getting up early after yesterday's marathon, so it was after 9am before my feet touched the floor. Since then DB has driven me nuts filling in a form, every two minutes asking me for information which I then had to go and look for. I wish I had done it myself, but my new year resolution is to make him do more of the clerical stuff himself. Wish I could get him to cook the supper, but he does so much and then just wanders off......he just does not concentrate properly.

He has just gone for his siesta. I was going to make farmers pie for supper but DB has asked for jacket spud, so I will mix the turkey bits with chopped onion and mayonnaise and we will have a tomato and celery salad with it.

Both curtains in the back bedroom and our room have come off the stops, so I have to get the steps and put them back.

I am working on a couple of things for the U3A clubs exhibition, so hopefully will get them done today. Then I need to pull stuff together so I do not go without anything on the day.

The snow has all but gone, it had rained overnight, there is just a small pile that DB shovelled off the path left. Its very dull and dark, not a brilliant new years day.