Thursday, 31 December 2015

Still Windy

but no where near as bad as yesterday. I put towels in the washer last night, hung them out, they are as good as dry, I also washed the heavy cotton cover from DB's chair, its still quite wet, will fetch it in before it starts to get dark and leave it on the airer in the sitting room overnight.

Have completed the pre New Year clean, so everything is bright and shiny, not that it will last, it will need doing again next week!!

I have not even thought about my aims for next year yet, my mind is on other things, but I guess we have 2 main jobs, getting the multifuel stove installed and a fence and gate on the side of the bungalow to make the back a little more secure.

DB is sorting though his seeds, there are some things we can start off late in January and a few more for February. Some of the veg we want to grow we will get as plants from the market.

We will have a quiet night, we will go to bed and read, may see the New Year in, depends on how whacked I am later.

Sausage, mash and beans for supper, a banana split for dessert, need to use up some cream. We finished the last of the soup for lunch today with some freshly made bread.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Last but one day of the year

The weather is horrendous, it has been blowing a hoolie since the middle of the night and shows no signs of abating at all. At least we do not have the torrential rain that has plagued the north of the country. I am so sad for those who have had their houses flooded again. I am afraid I am one of those who would like to see the overseas aid budget spent to help these people. The UK always responds magnificently when help is wanted in other countries. Now its our turn and so far....... nothing. I was always taught charity begins at home.

We braved the weather and went to Morrison's for bread and milk, dropped some stuff off in the charity shop and then on to the library to change our books. DB enquired about the mobile library, it is coming the first Monday of the month, stopping in our road for just 10 minutes and then off to the school. I think we will be going more to the main library, even though we have to pay for parking. Its easy enough to slot in a visit to the library. We have to pass it on our way out of town.

Although the wind was very strong we did not see much damage, the open bits of the road were a bit hairy but we got there and back ok.

No laundry today, will put the towels in tonight, I think they may well dry on the whirly tomorrow otherwise they will have to go on the airer. Tomorrow is clean up day, so we start 2016 with a clean house, although I will not be clearing the grate out as my MIL used to do. No washing new years day either, my Grand mother always said it was unlucky, and we had enough bad luck this year without asking for a repeat performance in 2016 thank you.

Liver and bacon tonight, have a rice pudding for dessert. All the rich Christmas food has now gone with the exception of some of the gammon which is in the freezer and a pannetone which we like buttered, I will also use some of it for a bread and butter pudding, maybe tomorrow.

Andie: The clearing the grate was something that was done by my MIL and also DB's first wife in Scotland. New years eve she would clean the house and make sure there was no dirty laundry. During the evening around 11pm the grate would be cleared out, the ash pan emptied and then the fire relit to welcome the new year.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Another load of laundry out today, just needed a few minutes in the dryer to air the stuff.

More trouble with GD last night, asked for advice and then rode straight through it. I have given up am going to cancel my Facebook account, it's all getting too much.

It's been a fine day, chap came to give us a quote for a gate and fence that Nick was going to do for us, it will make our back garden more secure.

Monday, 28 December 2015


A new week, Monday clean done, DB washed the car, it was filthy. I guess he is going to have to do it again before a week on Friday.

Neither of us wanted to get up at his morning, reading until after 1am. We are going to have to get back in to getting to sleep at a reasonable time and getting up at 8 am.

Stripped the bed put it all in n the washer and got it mostly dry, used the day time electric, the forecast is not too good for tomorrow.

Supper tonight, the last of the turkey and some gammon with jacket spuds, celery and tomato salad. Vienetta for dessert with drop of cream.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

That was Christmas

Its over and gone. As usual all the decorations are packed away. Christmas will never be the same for us again.

Christmas Eve was a very bad time for me in more ways than one, DB spoke to our GP she has upped all my medication.

We went to DD2 for lunch on Christmas day, DGD had cooked, it was very nice and we came home with enough turkey for 2 suppers. We did drink a toast to Nicholas before we ate lunch.

Yesterday we did nothing. Late up, no lunch but ate supper early and then watch some TV and some programmes we recorded earlier.

This morning we set to and put all the decorations away, boxes had got shoved in various places when we moved, so now I know where they all are.

 DB has started to sink a drainage trench behind the coal shed to make a soak away. Hopefully it will stop the water running into the coal shed a wetting the coal. The logs are on half a pallet, so up out of any water.

The situation in Yorkshire and Lancashire is horrendous, even more people flooded and huge power cuts as well. I guess the river in Haddington will be in flood as well.

This is the blanket I knitted, this is just one set of stripes there are 4 more down the back of the settee, so its quite big. I have used it. I fell asleep on the settee yesterday afternoon and DB pulled it over me, very cosy.

Its a bright morning, just coming up to noon the sun has broken through, no idea how long it will last though. Its not cold outside. 

We are having cold meat, salad and jacket spuds tonight for supper. DB requested bread and cheese for lunch. No idea about dessert, although I do have 2 creme brulee in the fridge.

Friday, 25 December 2015

If you do not have helpful comments to make please butt out. My wife is almost at breaking point.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Madness Continues

GD has really upset me today, she arranged the service without asking us if we want to have any part in it. I am royally hissed off.

DB has been in contact with her all morning trying to sort out the mess she has made. 5 speakers...the congregation will be really bored.

That is the last I am saying on the subject. I have tried to keep out of it but there are just some things you cannot let go.

Dull first thing, the sun is just trying to come out, DB has an appointment to see the hearing people at the hospital this afternoon re his deafness. I have to go and collect a pair of shoes I ordered, if they fir ok. Also need a quick trip to Morrison for yogurt if they have any left, I doubt it....he will have to eat fruit if I cannot get any.

Still suffering with the fibro and my BP must be on rocket fuel level.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Good News

If there can be such a thing when your 45 year old son has died.

His body has at last been released by the coroner, the funeral people are collecting him this afternoon.  Its a step in the right direction.

A sunny day but windy, I had put laundry in the machine overnight, so its out on the line, hopefully about dry, will be getting it in before the weather starts to damp down.

We are past the winter solstice, the nights should start to draw out a bit. The weather is so mild a lot of the bulbs I put in have started to put leaves up, heaven knows what will happen if we get snow and frost now.

We are waiting for the chaps to come and do an estimate for the side gate and fence that Nick was going to put in for us. The back of the bungalow is wide open, anyone can walk round from the front. I will be glad when its done. The back of the bungalow will be more secure.

Our next door neighbour has just had 3 fence panels and posts replaced, all the wood was left on the garden, DB went round this morning and asked for the posts, just what we need for the raspberries, and he was also given some wood for chopping.

Not sleeping well, it was 5am this morning before I dropped off, up just after 8 so I am off to put my head down for half an hour.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

I was at the hospital today to check my pacemaker, everything ok, back in 4 months.

Spent a while this afternoon talking to various people about DS'S funeral. Sorted flowers, also arranged to send letters from us and his siblings to be put in the coffin with him. I have to speak to the gentleman who is taking the service with some memories of him. His body has not yet been released by the coroner.

I am exhausted, I hope that now we can have some peace.

Monday, 21 December 2015

We now have a date for my sons funeral. We have to wait till January 8th.

Things have really kicked off here, its not going to be a peaceful experience.

Friday, 18 December 2015


We went this afternoon to say goodbye to Nicholas before he goes to the undertaker. My husband, daughter and granddaughter came with us and we met Lauren and Amanda at the hospital.
We know now that Nicholas knew nothing of what happened it was so quick in his sleep. He had a massive double haemorrhage.  I am glad he did not suffer. He looked so peaceful. I am now able to accept that I will never see him again. It is hard, but thats the way it will be.

Thank you all for your messages, they mean so much to us. We now have to face the funeral after Christmas.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Thank you

Thank you to all of you who have sent messages this last 2 days.

Everything is very raw at the moment. They have not done a PM yet, so we still do not know what happened.

We have received so many messages of support from family and also from so many of Nicky's friends and workmates. It does help to know so many people are thinking about us at this awful time.

I will resume posting at some point.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

I may not be posting for a while

I am heart broken, I received the news tonight that my youngest son Nicholas was found dead this afternoon.

Edwin and I are in shock, we have no idea how, his daughter found him when she went round because she could not raise him on the phone.

So Now I know

Phone call just after 8.30am this morning, the surgery, the sample I sent off last week has grown something, Dr. prescribed medication, could we pick it up. Suddenly everything made sense. When I was in hospital they mentioned I had a bit of a urine infection, but because of the drugs I was given when my pacemaker was put in they did not intend to treat it.

When I left hospital there was no mention of an infection or that I should see my GP for antibiotics. No wonder I have felt lousy.....I have been cooking the damn thing since June. I am a bit wary of the antibiotic, its amoxicillin, not too sure about that, it remains to be seen what happens. I have taken the first tablet. DB had to see the nurse for his INR so he collected the script from the onsite chemist.

The sitting room storage heater is almost cold so I have lit the fire, will have to see what happens tonight. I hate the damn thing, its either too hot or stone cold. At least we have the fire and I can light it.

Need to get butter out of the freezer to make shortbread for the U3A meeting on Thursday. DD1 is coming on Sunday so I will make enough for them as well.

DB going for his siesta shortly, I may well doze on the settee, need to get my strength up, have things to do Thursday and Friday and then again next Tuesday. Taking the chance to rest when I can. I have bed linen to iron but it can wait until I feel a bit better. I hope this is not the 'seasonal illness' rearing its head again. For many years I toiled through Christmas day with some sort of illness, cold etc. It was a red letter day if I did not retire to bed after I had cooked the lunch. Have not had it in recent years.

Its dull and there is quite a mist, fire is taking its time to burn. I have noticed its often like that when its damp out.

The council workers are still with us, pointing next doors side wall, so all the muck is falling onto our side path, something else to sweep up. Have not had a chance to go and see what damage there is to the back garden herbaceous border.

I am on the ast 24 rows of the blanket, should finish the knitting this weekend, weaving in the ends is another matter!!

Monday, 14 December 2015


Damp start this morning, it did clear later. The council workmen were here again. Rubbed down the paintwork and then tried to sweep it away, its all over the garden. All our wire fencing has been done, I need to go out now and see what state the garden is in, I hope they have not squashed any of my plants.

Monday clean done, scones made for visitors and a loaf on. Laid the fire ready to light. The loaf turned out much better than the last two. I will slice it tomorrow and put it in the freezer

DB went for his siesta, up just before our visitors arrived. As I expected the lady wanted to have a look round, got stuck in the sewing room, thought we would never get out!! DB shouted that he had made the tea, they left after scones and tea.

I put the washer on during the morning, did get the stuff onto the whirly and it was almost dry when DB fetched it in. Will put it on the airer in the sitting room when we go to bed. Hopefully iron it tomorrow.

It turned very cold after lunch I was glad we lit the fire. I put one piece of wood on after I  lit it, shut the fire up and its still going. I just might turn the storage heater off and make the fire up, see if it stays in overnight.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Soaking Sunday

It was very dark again this morning, we overslept. It had obviously been raining but seemed to have stopped. By 10.30 it was slining down again.

DB had swept up the mud left by the fencers on Friday, sorted the coal and wood for the fire and spent a while chopping sticks.

I finished sorting the sewing room, still quite a bit of stuff hanging about, but its much tidier. We are going to U3A on Thursday so will take in the stuff for the dump, I need to check and make sure its open. They alter the opening times in the winter.

Chicken etc prepped for supper just have to switch on the combi to cook the chicken, when it comes out roast spuds and butternut squash will go in whilst the chicken rests. I made a syrup songe yesterday so a couple more sices for tonight, we will finish it off tomorrow.

DB has started going for his siesta again, he had dropped it off for a few days, but was then falling asleep in the chair. Just about an hour is enough for him.

I am going to put a match to the fire and read until he gets up.

I was knitting last night, had to put it down whilst watching Strictly, I kept doing the pattern row wrong. Have just 2 more bands to do after this one, then have to weave in all the ends. Its a job I hate, but it has to be done.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Its raining.......again

Dark, grey, wet day, it has not stopped raining all day.

I decided it was the day to start and sort out my sewing room again!! I have found a number of UFO's no idea what I was intending to use them for, found a set of 2 strips different widths sewn together, what are they for? beats me. I am undoing them will put the strips in the strip box.

I found the squares for 3 more table mats, guess I had better do them and get going with sewing the binding on the ones that are made up.

The fabric I was given from our group member who passed away has been pressed and recut either into strips or squares, the dress fabric etc I have put in bags to take to the charity shop. I am sure someone will be able to use it. There is some velvet and satin which the U3A dramatic group might be able to use at some point.

I put the decorations out last night, As I was putting the fairy lights round the models that came from the US, I spent a moment think about DB's relatives we had gone to stay with for Christmas 1992. They bought us the bungalow thats on the right hand side of the dresser that Christmas. The Ice Cream Parlour and Picture House were given to us by Henriette when we went to stay with her after her husband died. I put them out every year along with the two models that their son Drew gave us. Sadly Drew died in 1995 followed later that year by his father. Out of a family of 6 there is just one son left.  We have not heard from him since just after his mother died. I did a search on Facebook and have found him, I sent a brief message last night.

I spent the morning in the sewing room and an hour this afternoon, it was getting quite chilly, so I am now in the sitting room undoing a set of sewn together strips. I lit the fire straight after lunch for some reason the sitting room was quite chilly. Nice and toasty now.

Feeling a bit lazy tonight so egg and wedges for supper, might make a lemon sponge pudding, it will last us at least 2 supper desserts with either cream or custard.

Friday, 11 December 2015


Today was the over 60's lunch at the Baptist Church, the meal was free but a basket was left out for donations.

Very nice meal, turkey, stuffing, roast spuds and parsnips, mashed turnip peas and gravy, followed by christmas pudding with either custard or brandy sauce,mince pies and chocolate peppermint creams, coffee or tea. It was a large plateful, pity there were not doggy bags!!

After the meal we went through into the chapel to be entertained by the local school children singing carols. It never ceases to amaze me just how entertaining young children can be, watching some of them singing was very funny, I had a job to contain myself. There was one little boy who was intent on picking his nose, he spent most of the time with his finger stuck up there!! We got home just after 3pm after a very nice lunch and entertainment.

I washed towels and hung them out, they were dry when we came home, just gave them a few minutes in the dryer to fluff them up a bit. I really do need to get into the sewing room and tidy it out, it looks like a rubbish tip. Its been a fine but cold day, the sun was out but not a lot of heat in it.

I sat next to one of the ladies who runs the craft group that meets on a Friday each week, she asked me if I would like to go along, so I promised I would go next week, they are then having a break until the first Friday in January. It will give me a chance to sew down the binding on the table mats I made for the quilting ladies.

Since we have been home I have put out the few decs we have up over the holiday, they will be put away on Boxing Day, they will have been up long enough.

We have visitors coming for a cup of tea on Monday afternoon, so I need to make cake and scones. 

Supper tonight, cream crackers and cheese and a yogurt for DB, apple for me and a cup of tea. I am still stuffed after our lunch.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Yuk, its raining

DB at the Drs this morning, blood test ok, he is waiting for an appointment for another colonoscopy......aarrgghhhh I well remember the last one..........

He took my BP monitor back, waiting a summons for medication.........

After lunch we went into town to the bank, did a bit of shopping, it was slinging down again. We called in to see DD2 but she had been given a half day. DB got his glasses adjusted once again, they are making his nose sore now!!

Glad to get home and light the fire. We are having tomorrows fish supper tonight, we will be stuffed tomorrow its the Pensioners Lunch at the Baptist chapel, so it will be a light supper for us.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Feeling a bit better today, although I did fall asleep on the sofa this afternoon.

My arm has gone down a bit and is not quite so red, still itches like the devil though.

OH cut the grass this morning including the new piece, it was getting very long. Our neighbours have put lights on the top of the fence and round the roof. I suppose I aught to get the houses etc out, need to decide where to put them, could put them on the window cill, but would not be able to draw the curtains....hmmmmm.

Need to sort myself for tomorrow we have an appointment in the town tomorrow afternoon. DB needs to go to the Drs in the morning for the results of his blood test from last week. He can take my BP machine back at the same time.

On the last lap with the knitted blanket, just finished the last cream piece.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

50 degrees under

Had a shingles injection at the Drs last week. I am allergic to some part of it, my arm swelled and reddened quite alarmingly, I have not been feeling 100%.

Nothing to be done except wait until it disperses whilst the Dr tries to find out whats in it, it could be the medium the virus is in. I cannot have the flu jab because I am allergic to albumen.

Hey ho, have spent most of the day on the settee, have managed to do a bit of knitting.

Hope to be feeling a little better tomorrow.

Monday, 7 December 2015


 Late start this morning past 8.30 when I woke. I forced myself to do the Monday clean. Just really did not feel like doing it.

The chaps are back doing the facias, ours is going to have to be completely replaced its all rotten, so plenty of banging and crashing tomorrow.

We missed the library bus, it came last week, so we had to go into town, neither of us had books to read. DB also went to the opticians. The arms of his glasses have rubbed the side of his head, so they needed bending down a bit.

Had a job lighting the fire tonight, despite the wood etc being dry, it just would not go, had to re-set it.

I did a load of laundry overnight, I had to put it on the airer, although it was not raining, the ground was not drying up. I will bring it into the sitting room when we go to bed.

My sewing room looks like a disaster area, fabric all over the place, I am going to have to try and get rid of some of it. The U3A has a drama group, they might be able to use some of it. I do have some I can offer to the group for lining bags etc and also some heavy calico, not sure what I am going to do with that.

We have an appointment at the bank on Thursday, I want to change our account

Friday we are joining some other' older citizens' at the Baptist Chapel for a Christmas lunch.  Apart from those two events it should be a quiet week.

Melton has 1250 Christmas trees on display in our local St Mary's Church, there was quite a bit about them on the news this evening. They put on a display every year. This year they have broken their record of 1000 trees set last year. The display finishes tomorrow.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Another Wild Day

The wind is still giving it some welly, trees are bending, guess there will be a few down and quite a lot of damage. The sun came out briefly but was soon gone.

I feel so sad for the people in the lake district who are flooded again despite the so called flood defences that were put in after the last flooding some 5 years ago. many of those people will have lost everything then and are now without insurance and faced with the same problems again, it is heartbreaking. so many of them live close to water.

Finished off the clean that got interrupted yesterday, so kitchen gleaming again, all the mud and muck cleaned off the floor. Fire is set for later this afternoon.

Need to sort out a dessert for supper, we are having roast pork, I have half a butternut squash,, will cut it in half and roast it with the spuds, the rest will go in butternut squash soup tomorrow. I have some apples left so think a crumble might be in order. I also want to bake some scones for tea this afternoon.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Its Windy

DB went out to the shed to get coal in this morning and found that the log pile had collapsed onto the top of the coal. The wind must have rocked the shed enough to dislodge them.

Was just doing a delayed Friday clean when DD2 and DGD walked in, I knew they were coming but no idea of time. They stayed for some lunch before heading back to town. The kitchen will get sorted tomorrow, not doing any more today, time to chill.

It is still blowing a hoolie out there, very strong winds and the trees are taking a battering. There is a caravan rally on the village hall car park,do not envy them one bit, the vans must be really rocking.

Off to get my head down for half an hour for a Nana nap, feeling a bit tired.

The Christmas Quilt is on the bed, so guess Christmas is on its way.

A bit better shot of the patterns. This quilt was a month by month kit by Jo-Ann in the US. My friend from Indy bought the complete set of 12 blocks plus the fabric for the sashing in the sale for if I remember rightly $24. I could put some extra quilting on, I did not quilt the borders or round the bow at the top.

 It goes on the bed until after Christmas and then it goes back in its bag in the drawer till next year.

Friday, 4 December 2015


Slow start, I have left the Friday clean to tomorrow.

The council chaps came and started on the fences, they have trampled over a lot of the front garden, have not had a chance to see if they have done any damage to the plants. The path was covered in mud which DB swept off when we got back.

We had our lunch and then set off to see my quilting friend, the road was fairly busy, but we made good time. We spent a couple of very pleasant hours chatting, drinking tea and eating chocolate brownies.

She was delighted with her orchid, phew...its is difficult to know what to get her.

Good journey home, the traffic was heavy but not too slow, just before 4pm when we got home. The fencers have gone, done some of the fencing but not all, so I guess they will be back next week. The window cleaner had been, so £5 wrenched from my fist!!

Our usual fish and wedges for supper, we have been given 2 pieces of brownie to bring home, we will have it tomorrow with a cuppa, banana for dessert tonight.

I managed to get 2 bp readings in this morning, will try and do 3 this evening.

Thursday, 3 December 2015


Up at 7.30 and at the surgery by 8.30, it was stoating again and we were 9th and 10th in the queue. I have to take my BP 6 times a day for a week....really...... stress  equals high BP, I know that. and I have plenty of that in my life. Sorting DB's feet will only add to it.

We eventually got home just before 12 noon, had lunch and then went into town. We wanted to go to the was closed...wasted 70 for an hours car parking we did not need. OH went for a haircut whilst I was in Morrison we then went to the hospital where we were told that we would no longer be able to get out feet done at the hospital. We are not to cut our nails but use a diamond nail file, cost £6 plus £3 P & P!! something else to hack me off.

When we got home the workmen were in the close, they are coming to repair the facias, they are going to use wood again and repaint it....bad decision as far as we can see, they would save far more money if the replaced the wood with upvc, no on going painting and repairing needed. They are starting at 8am tomorrow. We will be here in the morning, but out after lunch.

Wish I had done a load of laundry, it would have dried outside, will do it tonight and it will take its chances with the weather, the weekend appears to be going to be very wild weather wise.

Right, I am taking my very grumpy self off and sort out the supper. DB is going out to the garden club, I just cannot be bothered to go, so will be staying here.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Visit to Ikea with DD2 today. DB was going to stay at home and go to the coffee morning at the Chapel round the corner.

I had a very bad night was still awake at 4am, so the alarm going off at 7.45 was a welcome relief.

I was sorting the breakfast when DB came through and announced that he was going to come with us, he was aware that I had not slept well so he was going to come with us and drive!!! Well I will go to the end of our house!! what brought that on???

Yesterday afternoon was rather strained, I decided to keep out of DB's way and once he had his siesta I went through into the sewing room. After supper we watched TV and so to bed.

We had to get fuel and pick up DD2 I swapped the turkey crown for my pressure cooker, I returned the microwave one to Lakeland, I did not feel it worked as it should. The refund cheque came yesterday.

Coffee as soon as we got to Ikea and then a wander round, we both knew what we were looking for, so just over an hour and we were on our way home. DD gave us lunch so back home, sorted out the supper. DB has been very usual I spent more than I intended to.

Tomorrow we have a full day. We have to try the Dr again, so we have to get up at 7.30 and be out of the house and at the Drs at 8.20 to be sure to get in to see the Dr we want to. Back home for lunch and then out to Tesco, the hospital to get our feet done, Morrison, DB wants his hair cut, on to the library, Lidl and then home.

Friday I am hoping to go and see mt quilting friend. DB is going to have to come with me regardless, so he will take a book and read, whilst we chew the fat.

I hope I sleep better tonight, I need it, on painkillers 4 times a day just now.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Good Day?? No!!n

We were up early to go to the surgery The Dr said she wanted to see DB. When we got there just after 9am, the place was packed and the Dr. DB needed to see had a full list. We were told to come back on Thursday. I was not a happy bunny to say the least.

When we got back DB made a comment which really upset me, I was furious, if I had somewhere else to go I would have gone at that point.

I have put up with his 'illness's' for 25 years and quite frankly I have had enough. Words have been spoken, and not kind ones either. He cleared off outside until lunchtime. I am still not happy and he knows it. I know he has problems, but he does not seem to take cognisance of the fact that he is not the only one in the house who has problems, I am not allow to dwell on mine. Cleaning etc is done regardless of how I am feeling, the same with cooking. It would be good if just occasionally he put himself out and did something for a change.

Enough for today........

Monday, 30 November 2015


I was late up this morning, did not sleep too well. Very tired. DB went out to cut a cabbage, I had to de bug it before I could put it in the fridge. DB said he had to throw one in the bin, there was only the stalk left!!

Sketchy Monday clean done, DB pushed the dyson round for me. I managed to do the ironing and also pressed some of the fabric from last week. There is not a lot I could save really. There are two curtains which I am going to undo and use for bag linings. I also plan to make a few zippered bags as well.

Haggis, neeps and tatties tonight, I cooked the neeps and tatties together in the microwave and mashed them with butter and a bit of nutmeg. Will reheat once the haggis is cooked.

Time for a Nana nap I think..........

Sunday, 29 November 2015

I Got a Lie In Yay!!

Yesterdays lie in happened this morning, I was still asleep when DB got up, so I got breakfast in bed. It was after 10am before I finally made it out of bed. Not a good night, painkillers taken, but still a disturbed night.

Bed linen washed and put out on the line, it was blowing a hoolie and  gone very dark, so I went out and got it in. In the process I dropped the end of the duvet cover in the grass and then to make matters wore trod on it........its back in the washer, will have to take its chance on the airer in the sewing room, not putting the dryer on, there is enough heat in the house to dry it off.

Supper prepped, some of the beef from the other week plus frozen yorkies, butternut squash, roast spuds, carrots and green beans.

I made a treacle sponge last night so the remains will be dessert.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am just finishing sorting through the bits I brought back from the quilting group. A largish bag to go for rubbish. Several lots of dress fabric and some quilting fabric that needs ironing when I iron the bed linen. Also sorted out the file that was with the stuff, one or two useful bits in there too.

Weather is horrid again, its very windy and has not started to rain again, hope its better on Wednesday, am taking DD2 to Ikea at Nottingham.

I have just looked at the list for winter fuel payments, If you are married over pensionable age and your spouse is UNDER 80 you get £300. If your spouse is over 80 you only get £250!!! How do you work that out then???? We usually get it in November, but no sign of it coming yet, waiting for the letters.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

What lie in???

I was supposed to be having a long lie this morning, fine, except DB was so dozy I ended  up getting up making breakfast and taking it back to bed. Eventually he managed out of bed at 10am.

It was a bright morning first thing, I stripped the bed, its supposed to be fine tomorrow, and put the sheets etc in the washer, will put them on tonight and hopefully will get them part dry outside tomorrow.

DB has started to take the BP tablets, so far no problems, his stomach too seems to be more settled but not taking any risks till breakfast tomorrow, we will have our usual mixed fruit and croissant with jam. One thing, he is not having coffee just now.

Re made the bed with clean linen, have not done much else except prep tonights supper ready to cook.

Do not know what happened with the breadmaker yesterday, I put a loaf on as usual, it was as flat as a pancake and heavy as lead, not sure why, the yeast was quite fresh. and as far as I know the salt did not get near the yeast. Hey ho, will try again tomorrow.

Two things I am hoping not to have to replace, one is the combi microwave the other the bread maker, both will cause a hole in the budget and also put our inset stove plans back quite a few months.

It was so cold this afternoon I lit the fire early, I do not usually set a match to it until around 4pm, I was so cold just after 2pm I lit it.

Its just about 3pm and starting to darken, the lights will have to go on soon. I really dislike the dark nights, always make me feel depressed and lethargic, much more a summer than winter child.

We are going through the library books at a rate of knots, we have an appointment in town on Thursday so it will be a chance to go to Tesco for some bits from there, the library and then a quick nip into Lidl on the way home for some more of their Cumberland sausages

4 weeks today it will be boxing day and everything will be over for another year........once the longest night is past it will start getting darker later......hooray.....

Friday, 27 November 2015


We were at the surgery by 9am, it was stonking full. DB needed to see the nurse, he did not have to wait long, but he was away ages, began to wonder what was going on when he appeared. He is a Scotsman so does not give anything easily, let alone his blood, they had to have 3 goes at getting it out, eventually they had to use a butterfly. He now has an entry on his notes only to use a butterfly for blood tests.

Back home, a cup of tea and then the friday clean done and the kitchen floor washed, it was quite mucky.

Its been a reasonable day, it was damp this morning but then cleared up.

Yesterday I was given some carrier bags with fabric etc in from a quilting lady who passed away. I have gone through them this afternoon, not a lot to reuse although there are about 40 zips of various length. Some are new others have been removed from garments. I have several lengths of dress fabric,  a bit of quilting fabric which I will press. There is also a cutting board and ruler which I am hoping we can sell to one of the ladies. What ever money we raise I will send to A's daughter to give to charity.

DB has been ok all day, the 'runs' seem to have stopped, so I have a feeling it was all the fruit he ate. His blood pressure was well down this morning, he needs to continue to take the tablets.

I put a loaf on this afternoon, its come out almost flat, cannot understand it, very thing went in as usual except I used a bit less oil, do not think that's the problem will have to see what its like when its cooled down, the wretched blade has come out in it as well grrr.............

I was so tired I fell asleep on the settee and missed half of 'floggit'.

Just before supper the rain started battering against the back door and its quite cold.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Its Quilting Day Again!!

Fingers crossed nothing happens this week, although DB has been complaining about a 'runny' tummy, however he has been eating fruit twice a day for the last few days.

Everything is ready to go. The 'sitter' should be here about 1.30 I will ring and check he is here, I have told DB to go to bed if he does not feel well, there is nowt I can do anyway, I an not giving up the group.

It was a fine morning but them it clouded over. Have prepped supper, beef stew I just have to do the dumpling to cook on the top of the stew. Carrots, calebrese and green beans to go with it. I gave DD2 my pressure cooker and got a microwave one from Lakeland, some stuff it cooks ok, but the stew seems to be a different matter, its been in for 40 minutes so far......

Back later..................

No frantic phone calls whilst I was out, but I have just got back having taken him to the surgery, more moaning about his gut. I had just had enough. He has to sent a sample for histology, see if they can grow anything on it. He has also come out with blood pressure pills, his BP was through the roof again. I hate driving in the dark, but I had no choice, could not put up with any more moaning.

The Christmas meeting is off, only 4 ladies would be available, I just cannot be bothered. Today there was no sewing done by the girls, just demos about sashing and binding, by the time I had finished it was tea time, I packed my stuff up and we just stood around talking till it was time to go home.

I was hoping for a lie in tomorrow, no such luck DB has to go back to the Drs for a blood test and get his BP checked. He has also got to go back and see the Dr next Tuesday....... I think we should have taken our beds to the surgery. Not happy.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What that I see? Sun?

It was quite cloudy when I  went to hang the laundry out before setting off for Aldi at Grantham. By the time we had finished the shopping the sun was out, but its still brrrrr there is quite a breeze. Hopefully the laundry will dry.

I had forgotten a couple of things I wanted from Aldi, but no too bad this trip, just over £50. I need sausages from Lidl and I guess I will need milk and toasting bread from Morrisons. Anything else I need for the holiday I will get when I go for my pacemaker check. There are also a couple of things from Tesco, but I have vouchers to cover that.

We got caught up with slow moving cows on the way home, they were being moved down the road outside Waltham, one or two impatient drivers behind us. Its not unusual to get animals on the road when you live and travel in the countryside. The cows had calves at foot, looked like they were moving them in for the winter.

Shopping put away, we had the left over baked beans from Monday on some toast for lunch, we also finished up the apple sponge from Sunday.

DB is off for his siesta, I and going to lock horns with the mat I messed up, am going to put a piece in, just cannot face taking the whole things off and putting it back again.

The laundry dried on the line so its in the airing cupboard. I have managed with a bit if creative sewing to get the binding mended on the one mat and the last one is pinned waiting for me to tackle it on Friday. Tomorrow is the quilting group, DB's 'sitter' will be here. I really do not want another phone call saying he is on the floor.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hmmmm now we have rain

Not so cold this morning, it started to rain just after we got up, its forecast to last the day.

Bad end to my sewing yesterday afternoon, I had put the binding on another mat, just cleaned off the edges and managed to cut through the binding at the top of the mitre, so its going to have to all come undone and be done again. I am going to have to join the binding to have enough to do the last mat grrrrrr.............

DB went down to the Post Office, we are going to Aldi  tomorrow I needed some cash.

He is still doing his jigsaw but only spending an hour at a time on it, then switching to do something else. On his way back from the post office he stopped to talk to a chap who has been building an extension, he came home for the barrow, he has been given a load of bricks which will help to extend the path round the shed. There will be more later.

Saw B as she was on her way out to do some shopping, P's foot is not any worse, but the medication is creating havoc with his stomach, poor chap. B was with her son who lives in Spain, she tells me his is coming back to live in England next year. Thats a blessing there will be someone who will be able to keep an eye on her. Their other son is in South Africa, he is coming home for a visit in the new year.

I am going to cancel the secret santa at the quilt group, quite a few of the ladies are going to be away, so to be honest its not worth it. We will have a stitch and bitch afternoon with some treats.

The rain cleared this morning, but its as back as the ace of spades just now and hissing down, have the light on in the sitting room. Will light the fire a bit later.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Sunny Monday

It was brrrrrr again last night, its up to 1c just now although the sun is out there is no real heat in it.

I did a load of coloureds overnight, they are out on the line, I may have to finish them off in the dryer, will have to see, we are forecast rain for tonight.

I seem to have gauged the storage heaters better last night, Everywhere is just comfortable, not too hot. Monday clean has just been done. We did not light the fire last night, by 10pm it was getting rather chilly in the sitting room, but will light it tonight, now I have turned the heaters down.

I asked DB last week to put the fuschia and ivy leaf geranium in the growing house to protect them from the frost, did he do it? No!! he has this morning, which is a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. They did not look too badly affected but time will tell!!

Simple supper tonight eggs and wedges, I usually open a can of beans, we have half and eat the rest for lunch one day on toast. I need to do a freezer audit see what meat etc I might need. We hope to go to Aldi at Grantham on Wednesday morning. I would usually go on Thursday but its quilting group day......DB's baby sitter is coming to sit with him.

I need to spend an hour or so in the sewing room, get the binding on the rest of the mats. I am going to demo sashing blocks together and also making and binding a project. I will give them the instructions for the next block in the sampler quilt to do over the holiday.

P across the road has cellulitis in his foot, he is not happy, is taking heavy antibiotics and having to sit with his foot up. Their son is over from Spain, staying with his sister in law, so he is going to take B shopping. I did offer to take her any time she wants to go, just to let me know.

I was disappointed at the decision in Strictly last night, makes me wonder if it is fixed, Jamelia danced much better the second time, Peter Andre was as flat footed as he was on Saturday night. No pointed toes in the kicks and flicks despite what Len said.

We slept in again this morning so late getting going, we are going to have to set the alarm, not so bad at the weekend but I need to be up and doing in the week.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday, Sunday

Brrrrrrrrrrr it was cold last night, thankfully all the heaters worked, the kitchen one a little too well, have turned it down, will see what its like tomorrow, if it warms up any I will turn it off. One thing I do have to do is mackle up a curtain for the back door, when the wind is from the north west it howls round and I can feel it coming in down the side of the kitchen door.

I went over to see our neighbour this morning, he has cellulitis in his foot and can hardly walk. The Emergency Dr has given him some antibiotics. Glad it was not him falling as he has done in the past. His son is over from Spain, so he is taking his Mother shopping. Once he goes back I will take over until P is better.

Prepped the supper, DB is struggling on with his jigsaw. After lunch he went for his siesta, I wanted to finish something in the sewing room, and then sat reading till he came through for afternoon tea.

The heaters are still throwing out the heat so will leave lighting the fire till later. I must admit I cannot wait to get the stove put in, but we will have to sit this winter out as we are. I just cannot afford to do it yet.

Supper tonight, pork steaks, roasties, carrots and cabbage, I have made an apple sponge for dessert, it will lst us at least 2 suppers.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Double Brrrrrrrrrrrr

My goodness its cold today. I put the heater on in the kitchen last night, forgot to put the switch on in the cupboard so the kitchen is freezing. Just cooked in there, we have been lazy eating in the sitting room, it warm in there. Not something we do regularly, I prefer to eat at the table in the kitchen. Needs must......though.

Its been a very cold sunny day, the wind is fierce, I had to shut the vents in the top of the kitchen and sewing room windows, it was like being on Blackpool prom.

I did manage to do a couple more mats, have the binding to sew down.

We had a bit of excitement this morning, Ambulance in the close, medics went to B & P, not sure what happened but they were in there for ages, went away with an empty vehicle, later what looked like the district nurses turned up. I will ring in the morning and see if they are ok. It appears to have been P, he could have fallen over and smashed himself. He has very thin skin and bleeds profusely.

DB is still working on his jig saw, its coming on but its going to be a long job I think.

I am going  to settle down to do a few more rows on my blanket.

Supper tonight macaroni cheese, tomato salad and jacket spud, I guess dessert will be banana and ice cream.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Brrrrrrrrrr its cold.

No Friday clean done, we were going out this afternoon, so a quiet morning.

DB was going to his history group meeting, and I had a few bits and pieces to do, so after lunch we drove into town. We called at Lidl on the way in and got what I wanted from there. Parked the car under Morrison, DB went off one way and I went the other. Called in the charity shops but did not find anything that took my fancy. Called at Yorkshire Trading for steel wool. Next stop Poundland for kitchen towels , cotton buds and some shampoo.

I met DD2 in Wilkinsons, walked back with her to the shop and a cup of tea than back to the car.

We called at Sainsbury on the way home and I bought the Turkey crown for Christmas, its sitting in the sewing room freezer till DD2 comes in a couple of weeks.

On the way home it chucked it down with rain, the sun was setting as we drove along and there were traces of a rainbow.

Supper tonight a bit less exotic than the chicken pasta supper of Wednesday, fish and wedges........

I have managed to bind and sew down one of the mats, just 7 to go!! I also did some of the blanket. almost finished the second 4 colours.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


I should maybe clarify my cooking etc.

I worked as a nurse for many years until I had a problem with my back, my GP advised me to find an alternative job, so I retained as a chef and worked as either a chef or chef/ housekeeper until I retired some 10 years ago.

Most of the recipes I  use are ones I have adapted over years to suit us.

The chicken pasta last night is a way of making a meal for 2 from a single chicken breast. It came out of my head........

Chicken breast cubed, diced onion cooked in a mixture of butter and oil, chicken then browned along with the chopped bacon, chopped mushrooms added, just over 400mls of chicken stock and a couple of cloves of garlic, pepper. Leave on a low heat for about 20 minutes to make sure the chicken is cooked through. Thicken the sauce slightly and add a dash of cream and a table spoon of brandy or sherry.

Whilst I am cooking the chicken I cook the pasta just under al dente. strain and leave in cold water.

Drain the pasta and put it in a casserole, pour the chicken etc over the pasta and stir in, then top with bread crumbs mixed with parmesan and sprinkle with paprika. Put it in the oven for about 25 minutes at 200c to heat the chicken through and brown the top. I served mine with steamed calebrese yesterday.

If you want to make the dish and heat it up later, put a little more stock in as the pasta will take up some of the sauce. I would pre heat the oven to 200c and reheat for about 35 minutes, make sure the chicken is very hot.

At least the Wind is not blowing and its not raining

Very cold today, the temperature has gone down quite a bit.

Better nights sleep last night, we were up fairly early this morning. DB went out and sorted out the fleece for the peach tree, so hopefully we might get some fruit next year. I brought the geraniums in that CR gave me for my birthday, they are on a tray in the front window. I have some trailing geraniums I would like to get in too if I can.

I spent some time this morning in my sewing room. I now have all the mats backed, it was a close thing, I also did the binding, so I can start to put the binding on. I have decided to do a demo next week of binding, I think some of the ladies might want to have a go. I have written out the instructions plus a link to a web site where they can actually see it being done as well. I am hoping to have the mats done by this time next week, taking a bit of a break from the knitted blanket.

Last nights pasta was delicious, I will do it that way again, its a good way of using just a single chicken breast and padding it out with bacon and, if you have them, mushrooms. Topped it with breadcrumbs mixed with some parmesan and then sprinkled some paprika on the top.

Tonight its quiche and salad.

DB walked down to get the TV choice after lunch, he said it was bitter, will be lighting the fire soon.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Whew!! what a wind

A very windy night, we were both sitting up reading to well after 1am, so very late up this morning, good job the visitors are coming after lunch.

I did the chicken pasta and put it in a casserole dish, we may well be very late having supper, so I plan to put cheesy breadcrumbs on the top and steam some calebrese to go with it, Bananas for dessert.

DB went out and sorted out the garden, things had blown about a bit and the bird table had blown over onto the new grass, fortunately it has not done much damage. I found a large empty put which was by the back door in the corner at the top of the front garden.

Few quick jobs done, set the fire ready to light and a quick push of the Dyson over the kitchen and sitting room floors, then retired to the sewing room to get ready for my quilting visitor. Need to see how she has got on with her bag and finish it off, then start her on the pot holder. After Christmas I will see if she wants to do the sampler. She is going to have to go some to catch up with the others.

DB has his 'baby sitter' coming to meet him and see if they get on ok. He should be here around 4.30, he is at the hospice this afternoon.

Right offsky to do a bit more and set the table for a very light lunch.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Sigh Another Grey Day

DB went off just before 9am to the Drs to get his INR done and log in with the practice.

It was 10 30 before he got back, having had his test which was fine and also 20 minutes with the Dr. going over various things, she was quite happy with him and his medication, so thats fine. My turn next week to get my script.

DD2 should be here shortly, she was to catch the 10.30 bus. Eggs hard boiled for egg mayo sarnies for lunch, need to do the veg for tonights supper.

Its a very grey morning again, DH tells me the forecast is for bad weather later, we may have to take DD2 home if its really bad, she has quite a walk from the bus to her house.

A couple of easy days, we have 2 visitors tomorrow, so I made a lemon drizzle cake yesterday. Might also make a ring of scone to be able to offer a choice, what ever I make will get eaten!!.


DD" been and gone, as has the support worker, she came to tell us she was going to be away at the end of the month and also to check on DB.

DD2 has decided on the size of the turkey crown for Christmas day, so I will go and get it. I have a couple of reward cards for Sainsbury so will use them. Also need a trip to Tesco for fish, if they have it, and a bottle of their dry cream sherry.

Monday, 16 November 2015

A Fine Monday

It was fine when we got up this morning so I have been able to dry the laundry on the whirly, its now airing before I put it away.

We left home to go to the Drs for DB's INR. I wernt into Morrison. I was just going round when DB appeared in front of me, he had collected a letter from the reception desk, and asked about his appointment, it had been cancelled and both is us are not off the system, so we are registered at the new practice, so DB will be going to the surgery in the next village tomorrow for his INR.

We went to the library, just in time for the minutes silence, called at Lidl for a few bits, they had none of them, so I will have to go back later.

Sliced the beef from yesterday, two more supper meals plus the meat for tonight supper with some salad and a jacket potato. There is enough apple crumble for dessert.

I did manage to get the last 3 mats quilted. I need now to back and bind them.

DB is doing a jig saw. DD2 is coming tomorrow and I have L coming on Wednesday, she is the new lady to the goup, we need to put her bag together and do the lining. Then later in the afternoon, the chap who is going to be with DB whilst I am at the quilting group. So tea and cake twice!!

Have just lit the fire, its turned very cold outside, snow is forecast for the end of the week. Brrrrrrr.............


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Not Another Grey Day (sigh)

very dark clouds scudding along, a blustery wind. We did have rain during the night, but it had cleared by this morning.

Veggies etc prepped for tonight supper, beef sitting in a red wine marinade.

I striped the bed, sheets etc are on the line, blowing in the wind, keeping an eye out for any rain, even a quick blast on the line will do.

DB is driving me demented, we are going to the town tomorrow, he has his last INR at the surgery and we need to go to the library, Morrison and Lidl. I was just sorting out the apple crumble when he came through and said he could not find the small blue wallet with his library card and driving license in. If I had a £1 for every time I have had to look for it I would be living in luxury in the West Indies. I had to stop what I was doing and start searching. When did you last have it? when we went to register with the new Dr. Is it in your coat or trouser pocket? No I think something went down the back of my chest of drawers.....aarrgghhhh to get down the back of his chest I had to move another cupboard and dismantle the shelf unit on his chest, was it down the back?? No!!! it was a b....y bookmark.

He disappeared, think he thought I was about to swing for him, he wasn't wrong, my hands were mentally gripping his throat, red haze in front of the eyes!! 

I was putting everything back when there was a call from the kitchen....I found it, I would have bashed my head against the wall if I could have reached it. Where was it??? On the back seat of the car!! he must have chucked it there when we came away from the Drs surgery with the other stuff and forgot to pick it up. It is now residing in my purse with mine!!

I now have a stress headache, so I am going to do his trick and retire to bed!!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

What Awful News

We were just on our way to bed last night when the news started to come in about the slaughter in Paris. I find it so hard to understand why people feel the need to kill hundreds of their fellow men in the name of religion. They do themselves nor their religion any favours.

I am past being sad, I am angry that once again, people, many of them in their teens and twenties have been murdered in a senseless act. The killers will be lauded by their contemporaries, sorry but they are lower than the lowest, killers in cold blood and for what?

Better get off the subject before I say something I should not.

Its a dull but dry and cold day. DB was in the garden for an hour this morning, afraid I stayed in bed, did not hear him getting up, first I knew was when he brought me my breakfast and the news about Paris. It is a city which holds great memories for the two of us, it is a wonderful city with fantastic buildings.....a city we so enjoyed visiting. I would love to go back again for one last visit, but doubt I ever will.

No plans except to sort out the beef for tomorrow and liver and sausage tonight, I need to do something with the apples that we were given yesterday, I might  make an apple amber for tomorrows dessert..... or even tart tatin. I can see bags of apple in the freezer.

DB has his jigsaw board out and has started the jigsaw he bought from the hospice charity shop on Thursday. I managed to finish the band of dark brown wool on the blanket before it got dark yesterday, and now starting on the second round of stripes. I think it might need three sets plus the first set again before its big enough. Its Aran yarn so it is heavy on my hands, have to sit with my feet on a stool so I can hold the bulk on my knees and it does not weigh so heavy on my hands.

Time for lunch, will finish off the butternut soup I made the other day with some bread. DB will have his yogurt. I have no fruit, so no idea what I will have.

I made a bread and butter pudding last night, there is enough left to have with custard tonight after the liver and sausage.

Friday, 13 November 2015

DB's turn

at not sleeping. It was 1am before the light went off, so very late getting up this morning, everything will be like the cow's tail - behind!!

Its quite windy here, it had rained during the night, but just now we have sun and blue sky, but its down to 7c.

DB has his jigsaw board out and is doing a jigsaw he got the the Dove Cottage charity shop. Dove Cottage is a local daily hospice which we, as a village, raise funds to support. I bought a pair of chicken bookends, they are cast iron and will do fine as door stops in the summer.

No outside work today, I have done a couple more patterns on my blanket, when DB goes for his rest I will quilt the last 3 mats and get ready to back and bind them. 

We had a power cut late yesterday afternoon, DB was watching TV when it went off and the lights all went off. It was off for about an hour, not sure why, but we have Western Power working in the village, wonder if they went through a cable???? We got the camping gas lamp and gas burner out, just in case, but we did not need it. I have put it away in the cupboard in the back bedroom, better than DB having to demolish the shed to find them if they are needed again.

Also need to make some scones, nothing to have with our afternoon tea.

The lay pastor from the Baptist Church at the back of us called this afternoon, he brought me a bag of apples and also told me that he had found someone who was happy to come and sit with DB whilst I am at the quilting group. I am going to ring the gentleman and ask him over for a cup of tea or coffee so they can meet. It will be a lot off my mind knowing there is someone with him.

I have managed to do the bands of the four colours on the blanket, so starting with the first one again now. 96 rows and 19008 stitches, I have at least 2 repeats to do!!!

Did not get to the mats today, must try tomorrow.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

In Tonights Leicester Mercury.

GOODE Shirley Ann 6th November 2015. Passed peacefully away after a long illness, in Lancaster. Mother of Nicholas, Susan, Jane and Ruth, grandmother of Simon, Anna, James, Stevan, Sarah, Christopher, Jenny, Aaron and Brittany. Figure 8 slimming club in Leicester, Yorkshire Post column, economy cookery writer and Television personality in the 80's in Leeds, followed by a cookery Internet blog, Shirley lived in Morecombe from 2009. Thanks from all the family to Laurel Bank Nursing Home for their care. Funeral at Lancaster & Morecombe Crematorium on Friday 20th November at 2:45pm. Bare & Torrisholme Funeral Service, 5 Bare Lane, Morecombe. Te. 01524 410240.

Cold and Clear

this morning. I woke up several times during the night with jumping muscles. DB was up before me and brought my breakfast in, I took more pain killers and finally staggered out at 10am.

DB was weeding in the front garden, I made a new draught excluder for the front door and have started on quilting the mats for the quilt group. I need to quilt 2 a day and then back and bind them, need to make sure they are finished and packaged in good time.

DB will go for his siesta, so hopefully will get todays mats done whilst he is resting.

Managed to get 4 of the mats quilted, have the backing to do now, I want to cut the backing large enough to turn onto the front, save me binding them.

Fritatta for supper have some bacon that needs using up, so will fry that and then add the eggs. Salad with it.

DD2 emailed to say she is coming to see us on Tuesday, so lunch required.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

That's Better

Upped my medication last night, slept ok, I was asleep well before DB put his light out, roused once at about 2am. Late getting up, but we are retired, can get up when we like.

DB has planted the garlic. I had half a butternut squash left, so peeled cored and chopped it, put it in the microwave on medium for about 8 minutes, its now cooking slowly in chicken stock to make soup. I had some curry paste in the freezer, so hacked a bit off that, tastes great. DB is not a fan of curry, but he is my taste tester and he said it was nice, so butternut squash soup for lunch. I will give it a blast with the bamix to thicken it up a bit.

Its quite windy again this morning, but very clear for a change, the sun is out and we have blue sky, DB is in the garden with just a body warmer over his overalls.

We were talking about the garden for next year, it is not worth us growing squash, courgette etc from seed, so we will buy the plants. The tomato's we grew this year were Alisa Craig, much nicer flavour than the supermarket ones that come in from Spain. The cabbage is ready so apart from getting carrots, I will not need to buy any veg, just apples and bananas when we go into town to the Dr's, Morrison and the library on Monday. From then on we will be using the Drs in the next village, they have accepted our application.

DB went to the bowls club AGM last night, was home early so we were able to watch the last part of the Lewis programme. I enjoyed both Morse and Lewis, its sad that there are not going to be any more, but I can understand the thinking behind it. I was looking at pictures of Kevin Whatley from when he made Auf Weidersen Pet? spelling. He certainly has a 'lived in' face now.

Nothing planned for the rest of the day. DB is going for his siesta so I may well get on with the last of the mats I have to put together, then I can get on with quilting and finishing them, Will try to do two a day till they are finished.

Heard this afternoon that a lady who was on TV and wrote books about saving money many years ago, has passed away. When my  children were small she was on TV extolling the virtues of saving money whilst eating well. She was blogging up to a few weeks ago.
Rest in peace Shirley Goode.........

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Another Lousy Night

DB was restless again last night started coughing, got up for a drink. I made myself a cup of tea, went back to bed, DB was sitting up reading. No chance of me getting to sleep then. He finally put the light out around 1.30, I was still awake at 4.30.

Feel like something the cat dragged in, and forgot. Good job there is nothing spoiling today. We are expecting a delivery of logs after lunch apart from that nowt!! I am planning to spend the rest of the day sitting and reading.

Its the bowls club AGM tonight, so DB requires an early supper. Cheese and onion pie ready to be re-heated, he wants beans with it, so I guess we will be having beans for lunch tomorrow.

Its fine and dry, for a change. The sun is valiantly trying to break through, DB tells me its 15c outside, not really November temperatures. He has cleared the coal shed ready for the logs to be stacked, what will not go in there will be stacked under the eves of the house at the back.

Monday, 9 November 2015

More Wind and Rain

It was windy when we got up this morning so the laundry washed overnight went out on the line, it was almost dry when I fetched it in just before lunch.

This afternoon we went down to the local Drs and registered. What a difference to the very large impersonal surgery in the town. The receptionist check the forms and our ID, gave us a booklet and told us about surgery hours etc. We can go and see a Dr as soon as we want.

It was hissing down with rain, within a few minutes the rain had gone and the sun was shining.

DB has not gone for his rest this afternoon, will see how he lasts tonight.

Monday clean done, as well. Like to keep the place clean.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some spicy chicken strips with a view to maybe using them at the quilters Christmas Party, we are going to try them tonight with salad and a jacket potato. The remains of the plum crumble for dessert with some ice cream.

Log delivery tomorrow, will order more coal at the end of this month.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Dark Clouds

so dark we had to have the light on in the sitting room for a while, then lashing rain. Now? Its cleared up and the sun is trying to come through, its windy too, wish I had laundry to go out.

DB has taken himself into the garden, the bean wigwam blew down so he is taking it up and putting it in the composter.

He is getting quite slow at getting up, so we had breakfast in bed for 2 this morning.

We have decided to change Drs to the practice in the next village, printed off the 4 pages of forms, filling them in gradually, we will go down with them sometime in the week. DB had a phone call from the INR nurse at the old practice, she wanted him to go in for a blood test, why? when the hospital did one when he came out and it was fine. He told her he would go in for his scheduled appointment next Monday, but I doubt he will, he is going to arrange to go to the new surgery.

Our chemist also managed to mess up the prescription delivery, they did not have enough of DB's heart medication so just sent him 3 days supply, they had the script for more than a week!! Eventually they split 100mgs in half and sent him those.

Life is beginning to get back to normal although DB is still having his 'nap' in an afternoon, think he will stop it soon, he was reading till 1am last night, just could not settle.

Pork for supper tonight, making a plum crumble for dessert.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Wet and Windy

We had a lie in this morning, it was wet and windy, the garden bin had blown over onto one of the plant pots.

DB went down to the shop to collect the TV choice. I started to do the late Friday clean, managed to stuff up the cable which joins the box to the TV, good job I had kept a scart lead, so DB can still watch TV.

I sorted out the cables so the sitting room looks far tidier, I just need some large cable clips to clip the cable to the skirting board.

I fell asleep on the settee......

Meat balls and spaghetti for supper.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Wet again

It was fine first thing, we set off into town just after 10,30 by the time we got to the outskirts of Melton, it was persisting down. We aprks the car and walked to the chemist to collect the rest of DB's medication, I dropped him at the opticians and went on a little foray for a new light bulb for the kitchen, more wool for the blanket I decided to knit and another trailing socket for the sitting room to try and clear up all the cables that snake through various places.

I found a 'Puffa' type jacket for DB, cost me all of £13 in the sale... we had to wait ages in the opticians and then DB had to choose and pay for his glasses, we were running close to the wind for the car park.

Nipped to the dump and got rid of 2 old pillows and the old quilt as well as an old sky box and router.

Into Lidl on the way home, Cucumber 29p!! just needed a couple of things and their eggs are the cheapest and best in the town. I bought some Bavarian ham and a small baguette, split the bagette and buttered it, couple of slices of ham, a slice of cheese and cut up some of the last of our tomato's, scrummy........lunch. DB had a yogurt, I had a pear.

DB went for his snooze, he is sleeping at night so he obviously needs his afternoon nap, will continue encouraging him to go to bed for a while.

Its still pouring with rain, and very dark, sitting room lights on. We will be late having supper tonight as it was getting on for 2pm when we got our lunch.

I am knitting a blanket, its getting quite big and heavy, have to rest it on my knee or it hurts my hands.