Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What a waste

of time and effort that was!!

Up at 6.45am!! at the market before 8am to find someone had pinched our stall, The chap next door took stuff off the table next to him and allowed us to use it.

Everything set out:

We waited, and waited and waited. A lady bought some silk machine embroidery thread and an ornament from the Christmas tree.....and for ages that was it!! Lots of people looking, 'oh lovely things, look at that' but hands firmly remained in the pocket, no sign of a purse. We managed to sell the circular mat for a table centre and also a Candle mat, as for the rest zilch. After paying for the stall we made the fantastic sum of......wait for it.....£2.80. We stood and froze for £2.80. A lot of the other traders were making the same comment, plenty of lookers, no buyers. Very disappointing.

We will do the market on Friday and then the stuff thats left will go into my shop on here, if it doesn't sell it will be given away as gifts.

Back home, the heat went on, soup and bread for a quick lunch. DB  retired for his siesta and I think I may well snooze on the settee for half an hour or so.


  1. So sorry - all that work and hours in the cold for such a small return - and to think someone actually stole your stall, that's so mean!
    Your items look really lovely - you do beautiful work I can vouch for that - but it seems people don't appreciate quality, handmade items like they used to. It's awful knowing they spend on cheap China manufactured things. As someone said on TV a few days ago, "people buy clothes made by Chinese CHILDREN to dress their American kids" - how sad is that!

    Stay warm and perhaps you'll sell more online where at least you'll be in the warm.
    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. Another sad thing though is postage rates. I mailed a small box overseas yesterday and it cost me $32.00 - and that was not priority mail. It really puts one off mailing anything internationally these days.

  2. So sorry you had no luck today, how disappointing for you. Hope that you have thawed out a bit now and have better luck on Friday.

  3. How disappointing after you put so much effort into your lovely offerings. I can't understand why everything didn't sell. Wishing you better luck later this week.

  4. What a shame after all that hard work - your work is beautiful I do hope you have a better day on Friday xx


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