Thursday, 4 December 2014

What a dull day

Its only 2pm and we have the light on in the sitting room, after yesterdays sun it is so gloomy!!

We did not set the alarm this morning so it was fully 9.30 before we got we have been behind all day, no matter nothing spoiling, we had no plans for the day.

Bit of a disappointment with the coffee maker this morning, I had obviously not set it right, so no hot coffee when I got down stairs, have sorted it this morning, instructions not too clear.

Made several small tissue cases this morning, ideal for children to give as a present, complete with a small pack of tissues.

Now working on a runner I made some time ago and have not quilted, Hope to get it more or less finished this afternoon.

Still no word from SIL, so smoked salmon in the freezer, it will not take long to thaw out if they do decide to come. To be honest I am not looking forward to the visit, lots of issues between her and DB.

Once the 2 markets are over I will put some decs up and decorate the small tree I got last week.

The freezer is full, cannot get anything else in. I have the turkey and gammon in there so just fruit and veg, We have DD2 here for lunch Christmas day. DGD is going to her boyfriends for the holiday.

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