Friday, 5 December 2014

What a day

Started off grey and cold. Managed to get the coffee machine to do the coffee for when we got downstairs, lovely.

Left before lunch to go to Aldi for my quilty friend and then on to see her. First time driving the car since my op.

Lovely time as usual talking and drinking tea, generally putting the world to rights.

Left to drive home before it got dark, OMG what a nightmare, traffic wall to wall and the closer I got to Melton the worse it got. Listening to radio Leicester I discovered it was switch on night for the Christmas lights in Melton........It took me over half an hour to get from the turn off on the main road to the house......Drink quick, not tea..... whisky!! DB informed me I had left my sun glasses at my friends.......brilliant.............he had a phone call whilst I was on the way home.

I had just come downstairs, phone rang, dear SIL, they are travelling down to Cambridge tomorrow and she wanted to know if they could drop in for 'a cup of coffee' early afternoon........oh well better get it over with. So the salmon will not go in the freezer, I will do a plate of salmon and cucumber and egg and cress sandwiches and make a pot of will be the first time we have seen her since DB's mothers funeral in 1996.........18 years.

Phoned DD2 to let her know we might be a bit late tomorrow afternoon.......aarrgghhhhh.....

No Friday clean done so I will have to do it in the need to set the alarm....... once breakfast is over it will be all tomorrow night I will be exhausted.

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