Sunday, 28 December 2014

We Still Have The Snow

and also a heavy frost overnight, the roads will be like skating rinks. So glad we do not have to go out.

The windscreen on the car had a thick layer of ice, we had to wait for the sun to hit and melt it, then dried the screen and put the cover on, we do not want to have to defrost it in the morning when we go out.

Another quiet day for Us, so far DB has been ok, so keeping my fingers crossed till the next time.

A slightly later night last night we watched 'Mrs Brown's Boys', not quite as funny as in previous years, its getting a bit 'has been' now.

DB spoke to his sister yesterday, she had the house full with children and grand children, she had escaped to her bedroom for a bit of peace and quiet before sorting out dunner for 18!! sooner her than me. I have done my fair share of that!!

Wondering what 2015 is going to bring for us, guess we will have to wait and see. No resolutions made, no point, I always manage to break them within a couple of days.

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  1. I wish you and DB a Healthy, Happy and Productive 2015!


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