Friday, 26 December 2014

Today is a new day

and so far no dizzies.

I went to bed at 9pm last night, we watched a couple of things on TV, I almost fell asleep reading. Did not wake till almost

DB is up and dressed, I am still in my PJ's, no way am I getting dressed today, I very badly need some chill out time.

DB has asked for fish and wedges tonight, so will take the rest of the turkey breast off the bone, slice and freeze it. Might keep enough in the fridge for sunday supper.

We had an air frost last night, roof of the car was white this morning. DB went out to put the bin out for collection tomorrow, he said it was bitter.

This time next week it will be a new year, not that I am expecting it to be much different than last year......I just keep plodding along.

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  1. Hope Boxing Day is better for you both - sounds like you'll be relaxing and enjoying the warmth of home. Here it's cool with lovely sunshine this morning - the shoppers are already heading to the malls to exchange/buy more stuff! I had few gifts (we requested none!) and all are keepers, so refuse to leave the cottage to fight those crowds!

    Will make ham and pea soup (I cooked a small ham for Bob yesterday) later, that with some crusty baguette, and a piece of fruitcake for tea, will suffice today - we are stuffed! Family wedding (eldest granddaughter) on Sunday evening, and I need to be able to zip up my gown - so trying not to eat too much!

    Happy day, hope E stays well. BTW - don't understand why you couldn't e-mail me that day, it does open up for me from the profile page on the blog. I'll write you later so you'll have address!

    Happy New year too dear. Stay well and be happy.
    Hugs - Mary


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