Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Today is a new day

but nothing changes.

Had a lie in this morning, was just out of the shower when OH shouted that DS2 had just driven into the car park...eekkkkk. Smallest grand daughter asked very anxiously if I was ok as I was wrapped in a towel. She has tonsillitis and a virus, but after a day on medicine was much improved from yesterday.

Breakfast for 5.......littlest watching Pepper Pig on Nana's computer M doing work in the school book which DS had to sign to say she had done it. DS had brought the presents for the family, he is having my Ex for Christmas Day......do not envy him that. So as DD2 is coming to us for Christmas Day theirs is no problem but DD1 has very little hope of getting over before the day so not sure what is going to happen to hers. DS2 also brought me a box of vegetables........Looks like we are going to be eating brussels for quite a while!! The salad potato's will be great to have with our supper on Boxing day.

DS2 is on his way home having put up the shelves in the sewing room, so now I can get stuff up in front of me where I need it. Eldest GD has asked for a sewing machine for Christmas, she was very interested in what was going on in the sewing room, I showed her the cutter which she pronounced 'magic Nana' and informed me that now my hands would not hurt so much when I was cutting up 'all that fabric'!!

DB has retired to bed with a dizzy, I can tell looking at him whats on its way, so packed him off upstairs. I now need to sort the sewing room out and get stuff back in the right place, then I will be happy.

It was quite bright first thing but is clouding over now, they sky is very grey so guess we are in for some rain.

Turkey is in the fridge to defrost, not sure how long it is going to take, so its out. Will check it in the morning. If its defrosted I might just cook it tomorrow and reheat the meat on Christmas day in the top of the steamer. Years ago when I had the family for Christmas lunch, I used to take the legs off, bone and stuff them, cook the bird on Christmas eve and then the legs with all the trimmings on Christmas day. Sliced turkey went in some gravy in a foil covered dish in the bottom of the oven about 3/4 of an hour before I served lunch.

We sampled the shortbread last night, I think next time I will cook it at a slightly lower temperature, but it was pronounced very good by he who should know, being a Scotsman. I only ever make it at Christmas.


Sewing room sorted and I found the missing ruler.......somewhere I had looked before. I sorted out 10 fat quarters to go with the bag fabric for the handles and top, just need to have the wadding down and cut the strips, then everything is ready for the class apart from some samples.

At last I put up 3 framed embroideries my eldest DD made for me some years ago, they are on the wall over the bed.

Tomorrow morning I need to put a loaf on and do a full clean and also possibly cook the turkey crown. 

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  1. Just popping in to wish you and Edwin a very merry Christmas - a peaceful one, I hope - with your family. It was lovely to meet you both this year and I hope we can do it again in 2015! With love xxx


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