Tuesday, 30 December 2014


but we still have the snow. It does appear to be thawing a bit. OH dug out the whirly base and put the whirly up for me, I put the towels out on it, will finish them off on the airer. I have a load of whites plus the bed linen to do tomorrow, will be going to the launderette to dry them.

Spent yesterday afternoon sorting out some demo bits for the table at the U3A meeting on 15th Jan. samples of various ways of making blocks. I need to put my mind to a few more.

Did the freezer audit and as I thought will not need any meat this month, so may not do an Aldi shop but go to Morrisons instead. It will save us a gallon in fuel. Lidl is due to open sometime in 2015, so will be trying them out as well. I also had an order from Approved Foods with stuff that I use. Saved 21 pounds.

Did you see the chap on rip off Britain, he got £600 worth of groceries for stupid cost and donated it to a charity for the homeless. I did not see the actual programme but OH had recorded it. I will have to watch it again. He printed money off vouchers from the internet and did a weeks shopping for less than £5.00 for Gloria Hunniford. ?spelling. Hmmmmm I need to look into this. He said he saved his mother around £1000 last year on her groceries. He also had a stock of things like toilet paper, mouth wash etc.

Back to simple living for us, macaroni cheese and salad tonight.


  1. Goodness! Where are all these vouchers? I never see any.

  2. I have seen the program from the US where people clip coupons and get a lorry load of shopping for nothing, I had no idea that it could happen here and I am not sure that I have the patience to do it. I do tend to "empty the shelf" if I see a good price on something that I use. I do have a small mountain of toilet paper after it was on offer at Lidl. I do most of my shopping there, not such a wide range as Aldi but a 6 mile drive rather than 20, also Aldi is very close to my favourite quilting shop an temptation is always there to trip me up. Fran is back tonight so it is Chicken pie with paprika wedges for dinner.


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