Saturday, 27 December 2014


When we went to bed last night there was about 2" of snow on the ground and its still there this morning. DB at last got to use his snow shovel he bought after the horrendous snow we had in the winter of 2010. It has not been used, we have not had that amount of snow since.

The car park in front of the house.

The back garden from the back door.

Various parts of the UK have had it a lot worse than us. Our local airport was closed for a while last night, but is open again now. The sky is quite grey, we may be in for some more later. Hope DD2 got to work ok last night, she  usually walks.

Turkey taken off the bone and in the freezer managed to slice enough for 5 roast dinners and have enough 'bits' to make a turkey and potato pie, or chopped up and mixed with mayo turkey spread for sandwiches. I also have a bowl of turkey stock to use in some soup.

DB was ok yesterday fingers crossed for today.

Decorations down, I need to go up and put them away, the boxes can go in the bottom of the wardrobe now DB has cleared out the crate of stuff that was in there. When its a bit warmer I will be going into the loft to get the photo albums down and sort through the photos, see which ones we want to keep and which can go. I am hoping to reduce them by 90%, I need to source another external hard drive for the ones we want to keep, will also use drop box as a back up.

Very ordinary supper tonight, sausage and mash, we had fish and wedges last night, finished off the trifle, great just having a small one lasted us 2 days.

I have a load of tea towels etc to wash, I will put them on later and leave them on the airer overnight. Will start the big wash Tuesday night, will be taking it to the launderette to dry on Wednesday, I need to change our bed as well.

DB has been ok all day, his sister emailed me so I got him to phone her and put her mind at rest. All the decs are away, and I have finished cutting some fabric up, also cut the wadding for the bags so almost everything is ready for the class at the end of next month. I need to start and prepare February's lesson now.

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  1. Snow is so pretty, but no good if you have to go out. None in Cornwall and I don't want any as we have horses at the other end of the village...and it makes for a lot more work. All in the cold! Would love to take decs down, but family would moan, they are still in the Xmas zone.


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