Saturday, 20 December 2014


A late morning for us, no alarm set, so we slept on until after 9 am.

DB has washed and polished the car, so its fit to go through the winter now. Its a job he had been wanting to do for a while.

A load of coloureds out on the line, quite a strong breeze blowing, it went very black just before lunch so we fetched them in, finishing off on the airer.

I spent an hour cutting scraps of fabric into 2 -1/2" squares and some into 3-1/2" squares. Will put them in poly bags may be able to sell some at the group, along with some of my vast stash of fat quarters.

One of the chicken hangings has been bought today, need to post it off on Monday when I go to Town.

Quiet day one way or another, looking at opening a separate bank account for the class money. Do not want to get it mixed up with ours, problems that way.

Apart from sorting supper going to spend the afternoon Chilling, I have a book I want to finish reading before Monday and some research for a project on the internet, so that will keep me amused this afternoon, then Strictly final tonight, who will win????? Who knows.

Hmmm best laid plans etc DS2 was due to come today, sent me a message to say littlest GD is not well, so he is hoping to make it Monday morning. So we beetled off to the library and changed our books. DB can stay here Monday morning whilst I nip to the P.O. and Morrisons just in case they decide to come early.

Prepped the supper, left the quiche, which had been frozen, on auto pilot so we will have supper a  bit early. No stollen with our afternoon tea.

I bought a bottle of Aldi's take on Bailey's, gosh its delicious, we have been having a small glass each evening, goes down a treat. This is the first year I have not bought pale cream sherry, we used to have a glass before supper, cannot be bothered to fight through the crowds at Tesco to get some, so we will go without.

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