Saturday, 6 December 2014


We have survived the day!!

Up early this morning, OH did the carpets upstairs, I did a quick clean on the bathroom and put a fresh towel in. The pushed the dyson over the sitting room carpet and set the table in the kitchen.

Smoked salmon and cucumber, egg mayo sandwiches and creme caramel made.

The visitors arrived just after 12.30. It is the first time DB has seen his sister for 18 years since his mothers funeral, but there was no awkwardness at all, we chatted and had something to eat, DB was going through his family tree with his BIL and SIL went out to inspect the garden, then they decided it was time they were on their way.

Washing up done we had half an hour to collect ourselves before going to DD2's. DD1, DGD and boyfriend were there, followed by DS2 and DGD and then my niece and her youngest son. We enjoyed a nice tea, DB had a large slice of peppermint and chocolate cheese cake. I got my daughter to cut a piece in half, could not manage a big piece.

We have just got home, its been a long day!! and I am shattered. Will not be late out of bed tonight.

Tomorrow we have to go and collect my sunglasses from my quilting friend, we may pay a visit to a local garden centre whilst we are over there.


  1. So glad that your visitors were amenable after your concerns. I know how I felt about seeing some of the FH's relatives at the funeral that I hadn't seen in 17 years but that went ok too, so perhaps time does heal. Take care of yourselves - I am definitely going to be putting my feet up tomorrow afternoon xx

  2. So glad to hear the visit with DB's sister went well. Maybe it won't be so long between visits next time. Sounds like you had a lovely time at DD's.


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