Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Not so cold today

No overnight frost and the sun was shining when we went out DB needed his INR doing and I needed to pay in the money I took out for the float yesterday. Also a quick trip into Morrisons to get a few things we needed.

We have decided not to do the Farmers Market on Friday, so I will be photographing the left over things and posting them on my blog in the Christmas shop many of the things will be reduced, I really want to clear out my stock.

I do hope none of you are suffering with the really  bad weather we are having at the moment. We have strong winds, and the silver birch in the garden at the back does not appear to be too stable, it seems to be leaning more and more with each gust of wind. Just hope if it falls it goes away from us.

DB had his siesta, we spent the rest of the afternoon putting away the stuff from yesterday, The sewing room looked like a tip for a while.

For  any of you who are interested I have put some things in the Christmas shop. First come first served.

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