Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Nice day but Brrrrrrr

The sun was shining this morning but no real heat in it. Just meant I had to wear my sunglasses when we went out.

Library, Boyes and Morrisons. We bought a present for the house, a new coffee machine, we have not had one for quite a while and it means I can set it at night and the coffee will be ready when we come down in the morning, 

Morrisons was heaving, it is always busy on Tuesday but I have not been in on a Wednesday before, stuff going out in trolly fulls.

I put a load of laundry in last night so its been out on the whirly, some of it has dried, so its on the airer in the sitting room.

We tried out the new coffee machine this afternoon, we usually have tea, but DB was dying to try it out....we used the aroma setting, the water runs through slower so you get the full flavour of the coffee, It went down very nicely with a slice of buttered stollen.

Off to see my quilty friend on Friday, first day back driving the car. must make sure I start for home before it starts to get dark. Have also wrapped up a couple of things for my nieces who are going to be at the family get together on Saturday.

We have not heard from DB's sister so I have no idea if she is coming or not.

I made a couple of stuffed lavender hearts this afternoon. Have folded the strips I ironed and put them in a box I got at Boyes this morning, there is plenty of room for more strips.........if I decide to do a fair next Christmas I will need the strips for the  backs of the stockings.

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