Monday, 15 December 2014

Nice but cold

day, the sun was out but no warmth in it. I did hang the sheets and towels out but although some of it dried the duvet cover and towels were still very damp, I have ironed the linen and its now airing.

Monday clean done, I moved the chests of drawers and bedside tables so we could hoover underneath.

DD2 came this afternoon, she is coming for lunch on Christmas day, she is working 4 nights this  week so we will not see her again until the day. She is going to bring a chocolate and orange cheesecake with her instead of having trifle.

We talked over with her the time scale for applying for sheltered housing, she thinks we will have to wait about 18 months from when we apply. We are very conscious of the fact that if DB dies first, my income will be less than half what it is now. I need to be somewhere where I can stay on and not have to look for new accommodation.

It has been quite cold again today, we had rain late this afternoon. More of the same tomorrow,

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  1. There are so many changes and decisions we must make and prepare for as we get older, aren't there? We are facing the same sort of questions. I hope everything goes well with you and DB and that you both live to ripe old ages. Best Wishes for a very Happy Holiday


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