Friday, 12 December 2014

Late Start

No alarm call this morning so we were late up. Friday clean done and also a double load of laundry. It was raining so a visit to the local launderette to dry it, 20 minutes and £2.70 later it was all dry.

DB has the dreaded palps, first time for a month, he is in bed just now watching TV, he will be having his supper in bed.

I did a bit of sewing this afternoon and also sorted out the instructions for a patchwork bag, have sent them off to a friend for proof reading.

Expecting DD2 tomorrow afternoon, need to make either cake or scones in the morning.

Damp sort of day, very cold we had some rain, no way was the laundry going to dry outside.


  1. What are 'palps'? I hope it's not something too bad.

  2. Palpitations Chris, he has them at regular intervals.

  3. I have packed my big machine away for a few weeks, I have a few bags cut out ready to sew and am going to try doing them on the overlocker. I look forward to seeing your pattern.


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