Monday, 29 December 2014

Its Another Day

of cold snowy weather. We had to go out to the library this morning, no books left to read. DB was defrosting the car, could not get the drivers door open so I went into the car from the passenger side and gave the door a shove, wouldn't open, went round and tried the handle again pulled and the door shot open, I almost ended up on my BTM in the snow.

DB has been ok for the last couple of days but seems determined to wear me down by moaning about any and everything, I lost it big style..........

He had his lunch and has now sloped off for his siesta, think he is hoping I will be in a better mood when he comes down... Wrong!! long walk and short pier are in my mind, for him..not me. There are times when I really wonder why I put up with it.

Spent some time in the sewing room OH is filling out a form, keeps asking me questions I cannot answer......

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  1. Oh dear we all have days like that.....When my family get me dowm I usually take myself away to bed and watch a bit of t,v by myself nice and cosy... Or I just get so wound up with them. I hope you feel happier soon.Tomorrow is another day.


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