Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I decided to wash the quilted wall hanging I made 16 years ago, it has washed ok, I had it on the line, but brought it in as it started to rain.

This morning we went into town, we needed to put in a prescription at the chemist, drop some things off at the charity shop and a quick visit to Morrisons. We also did a couple of other little jobs including taking DB to see about some new bowls shoes.

Shattered when we got home. DB had his siesta, I watch a video I had downloaded.

Made macaroni cheese for supper with tomato and celery salad, a jacket potato to go with it.

It was cold out but I guess it was slightly milder as we had a shower of rain when we got home. Its 4pm and dark, so curtains drawn and heat on.

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