Saturday, 13 December 2014


this morning, quite a layer of frost on the car. There is some sun so its melting slowly.

DB is still in bed, the palps went off about 2am, but he seems very tired, so breakfast in bed, he can get up later.

DD2 was coming this afternoon, but rang to say she had to wait in for a parcel, so will come on Monday afternoon.

Following a conversation with OH I have decided that whilst the weather is bad to do a double load of laundry once a fortnight and dry it at the launderette. I hate having wet washing hanging around in the house. I have the bed to strip on Monday and also the towels to do, so they too will go to be dried. If and when my washer gives up I will look at a washer  dryer. I just do not have room for a dryer in the kitchen and no outhouse or garage to put one in. The flat in Haddington had a huge kitchen and the dryer sat at the side of the fridge freezer. I only used it if I had to, which was mostly at night on the cheap rate electricity.

Nothing planned for the day, just going to take it as it comes.

DB got up before lunch but is now back in bed he was dozing in the chair, I will wake him in time for his supper. I think it may be the tablets he takes for the palpitations, they did this to him once before.

I have sat and sorted out most of the stuff for the  first U3A patchwork and quilting  class, now have 6 ladies so the class is viable. Lots of blue air when I lost a long document, had to do it all over again. aarrggghhhh......

I see they are forecasting temperatures of minus something, colder than somewhere north of us, Finland I think. Its cold enough for me now thanks. I already have 4 layers on. I wish I could find something to keep my blessed feet warm, a pair of think socks and a pair of themal socks on top and my feet are still cold. Hey ho it will soon be 21st December and I can look forward to warmer (i hope) days.

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  1. It has been freezing in the shade all day here, I am so glad that I invested in the dryer, it had to go in the huge bathroom though. Luckily the walls here are over 18" thick and the house is toasty.


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