Monday, 8 December 2014

Frosty morning

After a horrendous  sleepless night, I poked my nose out from under the duvet and knew it was a cold one. The roof of the car had quite a deep covering of frost on it.

By the time we were ready to venture out the sun was out and the roof clear. Bank to get change for tomorrow and the library to change our books, dates for the closing times over the holidays were up, so duly noted, we will need to go in the Tuesday before Christmas day and get enough books to last us until the library opens in the new year. DB will resume his research then as well.

I have had another lady put her name down for the quilting group at the end of January, tally is 4 and I guess there may be a few more before we actually start. I need to get my brain into gear and make up a kit for their first assignment. Several of them will not have cutting equipment so I will need to order that for the second meeting.

The Go Cutter has had its baptism of fire this afternoon I have cut out 240 3 1/2" squares for bag kits this afternoon, all done and dusted in just over 2 hours.I would have been cutting tomorrow without the the Go. Its a brilliant piece of kit, When I have made up the bag I will post a photograph. I have to write out the instructions as well and also try and find some smaller plastic bags to put the kits in.

I am shattered. We had chicken yesterday so I have the legs in a casserole for tonights supper.

The car is packed ready for the morning, we are getting up at 6.30am. heaven help me. We want to be at the market by 8am.

Fingers crossed there is not snow or frost overnight.

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  1. Good luck for your sale tomorrow. I hope you do really well.


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