Monday, 22 December 2014

Better Day

I hope!!  Having slept away most of the day yesterday, how DB managed to sleep all night I will never know. I lay awake for ages, go the IPad in the end and played games till I felt my eyelids drooping around 4am. Could not believe it was 8 am when the alarm went off.

Went to the PO, drew cash from there rather than stand in the bank, then called at Morrison's for the last bits we needed.

DS2 was to come today, but DGD2 is not well at all. He had to take her to the out of hours doctor at 6am this morning, so not sure if he will get here before the holiday. Mother has no dependency time left  from work so DS2 is left literally holding the baby.

Since I got back from the shops have made 2 rounds of short bread and 15 mince pies. I am knackered. DB has gone for his siesta, so I am going to put my feet up on the settee and read, you never know I might even have a Nana nap.

Its fine out but a very strong wind. Pity I do not have any clothes to go out. Laundry all finished till after Christmas.

4 pm and DB was retching again and back in bed. A much shorter attack this time, he was down stairs for his supper. I think I am going to retire to bed I am shattered.

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