Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Another sunny but cold day today, the thaw has not happened yet, we still have snow on the ground.

Bed changed, linen washed and along  with a load of whites washed overnight taken to the launderette and dried, put away, just have the bed linen to iron which I will be doing when DB get up from his siesta.

Upstairs cleaned and sparkly, just have the kitchen to do after supper and that's the whole house clean and sparkling for the New Year.

I wonder what 2015 holds for us.....more of the same as regards DB's condition; there will be no break there. As for me, well I just do not know. My arthritis is getting worse that is a fact, my fibro kept me awake for ages last night before the medication kicked in, so not a good nights sleep. We will not be sitting up for the witching hour, expect we will be reading in bed. Nothing to get up for in the morning, so a late rising.

Plans for 2015, none.......I have to get together some paper work for the council so the application for sheltered housing can go in. DGD tells me there is a long waiting list for the three schemes we prefer, one thing is certain, I will not be going down the agent letting route again, we just cannot afford it.

DB had notification this morning that one of his work pensions has gone up 91p a month.......the HB will go down by the same amount, so its not really worth having, would not even by a single cup of tea or coffee.

We do have a cheap weeks holiday booked in April, but that will be it for this year.

I have at last got DB to clear out some of his stuff, a bag full to go to the charity shop, he also has shirts which he wore for work when he retired 15 years ago. I need to go through them and out some, he will never wear them, he tends to use either tee shirts or polo shirts these days.

I bought new clothes 2 years ago, and they are still as good as new, I did put out some stuff when we moved back in the spring, I do not think there is much else I can jettison.

Books need to be gone through. No answered re my quilting books, so much as I regret it they will also go to the charity shop along with some that DB has decided can go.

I need DS2 here so we can go through things that are in the attic and see what in there can be sold or sent to the CS.

Looks like I am going to be busy in the New Year!!


  1. I do not envy you, I went through the house with a fine tooth comb before I moved, it must have had some teeth missing so a job on the list for next week. The decs will come down on Sunday and I will then go through the house room by room. A bad job nut it has to be done.

  2. Purging is good. But. Like you I'm not happy about getting rid of any books containing to sewing. Tis almost like letting go of an old friend. I too have tons to go though this year as I am switching my sewing room with my book room. Big job I'm not looking forward to.

    Prayers for you and DB in the New Year. I sure hope his and your health improves.

  3. We've got to tackle our attic room in January. My husband graduated from uni 38 years ago and retired 2 years ago, but he's still got almost all of his school books up there!


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