Sunday, 7 December 2014

After yesterday we were late getting up, the coffee was well brewed when we came down.

After breakfast we set off to Desford to collect the sun glasses I left at my friends on Friday. We spent a very pleasant hour drinking hot chocolate and chatting.

As expected traffic was heavy on the way back and the town centre was blocked off for the Victorian Fair. All the car parks well full and a huge lorry came out of Mill Street, he had to go right across the road to turn his trailer onto Burton Road, I thought he was going to side swipe us, it was very close.

DB retired for his siesta, I caught up on a couple of things and then fell asleep myself.

Tomorrow we have to go to the bank and draw cash for the float on Tuesday and we also need to go and take books back to the library. When we get back we need to pack everything for Tuesday into the car, so we can just go off on Tuesday morning with the flasks etc. DD2 is joining us about 10am, she is going to phone me and find out just where we are.

Yesterdays visit has been dissected......DB's sister has really changed, she looks older than DB although she is in fact 4 years younger. If she had passed us in the street neither of us would have recognised her. She has also lost a lot of her haughtiness, her Scottish accent is far more pronounced than ever it was. We had a nice email from her last night thanking us for the lunch.

I was shattered last night, two appointments in one day are really too much, but I am pleased for DB's sake that I said yes to them coming, it has repaired a lot of wounds although I doubt for DB all will be forgiven.

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