Monday, 17 November 2014

Whats that?

Blue sky, I was told it was going to rain all day, so is it? No!!! there has appeared some patches of blue sky. Yesterdays laundry is still on the airer, wet. I have towels in the washer, may be I will get them dry.

Late up this morning DB switched the alarm off and we both went back to a bit like the cows tail this morning - all behind.

Monday clean done, not sure if it will get done next week we will have to see. I will do the Friday clean on Wednesday so the house is ok after I have had my eye done. Fingers crossed it goes ahead this time please.

More little tree ornaments this afternoon, want to do about a dozen, also saw an idea for a Styrofoam tree, need to see if I can source the materials locally. Pleanty of fabric to do it with and can use the cutter for the pieces.

We had shoulder of lamb yesterday, I got the shank end so a batch of scotch broth on the cards for lunches this week. We will have some of it cold with salad tonight.

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  1. This is the time of year for the weather to deal us fits. We got 2.5 inches of snow yesterday with ice underneath. Even though the snow is nothing much to deal with, the ice is dangerous. I hope your eye surgery is able to be done so you can have this behind you and you can begin the new year fresh. It makes such a difference in your vision and perception of colors. I had both my eyes done in 2010 and it was like a miracle. Best wishes to you both. Barb


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