Saturday, 22 November 2014

Tired today

Breakfast in bed again this morning, It was quite bright, we had been forecast rain, it arrived at lunchtime.

Eye doing very well. DB is coping but shows signs of stress.....asked him how he thought I managed to cope with him, his problems and all the washing, cooking, cleaning.......He is cooking liver for supper tonight. I had the liver cooked in the freezer but he has to do the bacon to go with it and the veg.

I did manage a sleep this afternoon for a short while.

I have read all my books........

We had a call from Tesco this morning some one had tried to spend £1000 on our credit card. They blocked it, but this is the second time it has happened and both times it has been after I have used the Asda fuel station....hmmmm......we will be getting new cards through the post, I am considering whether to just cut them up. We do not used them very often but they are useful if there is an emergency.


  1. Glad you eye isn't causing you bother. With regards Tescos ringing you. Be careful because about a year ago we had 'Asda' ring us, saying the same, then they rang again to speak to Hubby. It turned out THAT was the scam. They were asking to confirm our card numbers and thank goodness I had a feeling something wasn't right. So please be careful, as a rule none of the supermarkets would ring you.

  2. More and more credit card fraud going on everywhere. We were called a couple of weeks ago again - our brand new MasterCard was 'used' in Target in Chicago same day we were using it here in Raleigh! Such a nuisance as then you have to await a new card and have new numbers etc., but thankfully the charge was removed from our bill. Our biggest fraud was by a London restaurant one year - after we returned here to the US the family used our card to purchase several expensive plane tickets, closed the restaurant and apparently returned to the Middle East on our dime!
    So glad they caught that charge - it was huge - and we had to spend some time working with the fraud squad!!!

    Glad you're doing better now - tell DB to keep up his good work to assist you!
    Hugs - Mary


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