Saturday, 29 November 2014

Thank Heavens its Morning

Terrible night last night, still awake at 5am and then some low life from somewhere foreign rang at 5 minutes to 8. Not happy. I snarled down the phone and shut it off.......what a daft time to ring on a Saturday morning.

Since getting up the ladder has come in, I need to go into the attic to find a box of Christmas decs I though was in the wardrobe in the sewing room. Carrot cake in the oven, visitors expected tomorrow, and a loaf on.

DB is doing the labels for the sale on stiff card, I have started the list of what we want to take with us, its already half a page long.....I was wondering in the night whether to make up some bags of squares and a couple of kits for the shabby chic cushions. Pricing them could be a problem. We will see.

Its a dry morning, no fog and DB says its quite mild out and the sun is trying to come through.


The stuff is now down from the attic, it was close to the hatch so I did not need to actually go up, just stood on the steps and handed stuff down to DB.

Cannot find the invisible thread for the angels so will have to use white floss.

Its St Andrews day tomorrow, DB has elected to have his haggis, tatties and neeps tonight, we will have whats left with bacon, egg and tomato for breakfast tomorrow.

Tea break over. I need to clear the tables in the sewing room we are going to try out the setting for the stall, I will take a photo with my IPad and take it with me on the day. I also want to make up a couple of kits for the shabby chic cushion covers and some packs of 2 1/2" squares.

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