Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sunny Start

to the morning, laundry out on the line before I left for our trip to the library, market and Morrisons.

I got some bits for the fabric trees, prices up styrofoam conical shapes, at £1.40 each I decided they were just not worth it. Each tree uses half a yard of fabric, even though its scraps thats still at least £2.25 using the cheapest fabric, not taking into account the pins and time it takes, you would be lucky of any one paid £4 for each one. Correctly priced they would be at least £7.50.

DB had a good day with his research, he has found some info he had been searching for for a long time.

Yesterday I made a pot of scotch broth, we had some for lunch, delicious,.....

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  1. I priced styro cones for a craft project and found them to be overly expensive also! It's a shame it costs so much to make handmade gifts.


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