Monday, 10 November 2014

Sunny Morning

Heavy rain overnight, its drying up, the sun is out and a breeze blowing. A load of laundry out. I am washing as and when I have a full load and a decent drying day.

Monday clean done with help from OH. I did not sleep well at all last night, think I was over tired.

Big pan of soup on the stove, bread to be made later. I have my niece coming tomorrow lunch time to collect the two Christmas tree wall hangings. We will have some of the soup at lunchtime, but it will be better tomorrow when it has stood overnight for the flavour to develop.

Thought I would try and quilt the table runner this afternoon, put in the metallica needle,.....and dropped the feed dogs, threaded the machine and did a test sew,   big mistake, sewed fine for about 10 minutes then the thread started to threaded the machine and needle, started again.....two or three stitches, thread broke. After an hour I have given up. I was getting angry which is not good when I am sewing, either the machine or runner or both could have found them selves out the window. I am going to rip it all out and do the quilting with ordinary old gold thread.

The washing did not dry on the line so its on the airer in the sitting room until after supper then it will go in the kitchen till the morning,

Made bread and sliced the pork from yesterday, it has done enough meat for 4 suppers.

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  1. I think there is nothing more frustrating than when the 'darned thing' (sewing machine) wont sew .. and its usually when you are in a rush to get something finished!

    Vicky x


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