Friday, 21 November 2014

It's Wonderful

What they can do with piece of plastic!!

I had decent nights sleep, no real pain from my eye and no double vision. I did become aware last night that the sight in my left eye was improving this morning it is much better than it has been for a long time. My left eye is now the dominant one, I am much more aware that the right eye will need doing at some point. No sign of swelling, bruising or bloodshot.

DB is on parade this morning, I am having a Jamie day, will get up later, but not get dressed until tomorrow. DB has a history meeting this afternoon, so I may well snooze.

Not sure if I will be able to sew, I got undressed last night by without bending. It's only when you are told not to do something you realise just what you can do.

My sewing chair is adjustable, on the lowest setting my machine is level with my nose. May have a try in a couple of weeks.Cutting will defo be out.

Brekkie time..............


  1. So glad your eye surg. went well. Your are my third friend having cataract surg. this week - 2 over here also, one is waiting at the hospital as I type! Everyone seems to tolerate this well and have a great outcome which is definitely promising.

    Get well soon - hugs, Mary

  2. Glad all went well. Just have a lazy day and snooze when DH is away.


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