Monday, 3 November 2014

Its Gone

The bed that is....3 chaps came to collect it, they were surprised that it was down stairs.

Fine, cold but sunny morning, I have a load of laundry out on the whirly, hope it dries ok.

This is the orchid I got from Ikea some 19 months ago, it put up the flower stalk a few weeks ago, there are still 4 flowers to come out.

DB out in the garden, no idea what he is doing. Monday clean done, after my morning tea I am off upstairs to finish unpicking a Christmas stocking, I managed to sew the hanging loop into the back seam..ooppppsss.

I cooked a small turkey joint from Aldi last night, enough left for tonight and maybe a couple of sandwiches. It was £3 which would have been quite expensive had we eaten it all last night, but as it is it will work out at about 59p a portion.

At last we have had the final bill from E-on we changed at the beginning of September so its taken them 8 weeks to sort it out. I read the meters each monday, so I have checked the readings were ok. I need to pay it this morning out of the way, the cash has been sitting in the energy account since we moved.

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  1. It's so nice to have a room just for sewing and crafting-enjoy!


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