Monday, 24 November 2014

It looks like it snowed

We had a very heavy frost last night, and its still brrrrrrrrrrr although the sun is shining, will be turning the heating thermostat down and leaving the heating on all day. I do not care what it costs I cannot bear to be cold. 

I have broken out the thermals this morning too, might have to go up and put my long johns on, its my legs and feet that get cold.

Monday clean done, DB did the bending down bits for me and hoovered. He also helped me to do the veg and the beef casserole for tonight, There are some beans in the fridge that will bulk it out a bit.

DB went to bed with a dizzy before lunch, we had a trip to Sainsbugs, I needed fish and had vouchers for £26 we got 5 bottles of wine to top up the cellar. Also met an old neighbour at the checkouts, he is still in his flat at the old house, says its freezing. We are cosy and warm.

I have decided to go to Morrisons this week, will leave Aldi shopping until halfway through December, when my eye is better. Its still going ok so far, although I do find the eye patch a bother at night, still only another couple of nights to go and I can leave it off. Will be glad when I can put my head down!!

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  1. Good to hear your eye is coming on well.
    It was difficult at the time when you heard about you having to leave your flat but you are so much better now. All cosy and warm and no condensation.


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