Sunday, 2 November 2014

It had been wet again overnight and we had another downpour mid morning,

The two hunks arrived and moved the bed down stairs ready for it to be collected tomorrow, we then set too and put everything back, put the legs on the table, so I have the two Ikea tables up, I may change the layout at some point but will see how it works for now.

We went to DD2's yesterday sp the veg I did for last night supper we will have tonight. A nice gathering of relations, with a little one thrown in for good luck.

The sewing room is done and everything put back, there is a distinct chance it may get changed again, but for now its fone.

More space each side of the wardrobe, I can get to the thermostat now and have room for storage either side.

The sewing machine is right under the window so brilliant for natural daylight sewiing.

The cutting corner, can you see the boxes of fabric under the tables???

The shelf units with book, threads, notions etc on, more space for storage at the far side too. I have the dies for the cutting machine on the shelves too.

I am shattered, but its a good job done, there is much more room and I feel less claustrophobic when I am sewiing. Fingers crossed they turn up for the bed tomorrow, its in the sitting room waiting.

This is an orchid I bought last year from Ikea, there are another 4 flowers to come out on it.


  1. That looks brilliant - I would love a craft room - I only have the summer house to work in and it's too cold in there in the winter plus I get soaked going down there if it's raining - nice for you to have natural light to work in too xxx

  2. It looks very organised now, love the big window - must be lovely to sit there and sew Ginny


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