Thursday, 27 November 2014

How Much?????

.Went to Aldi this morning, with the £10 voucher off my bill was £86!!! ouch. However, I had the turkey crown for Christmas day and also a new chopping board into that so real cost was £66........I just need fresh fruit and veg for the holidays. I did buy a stalk of brussels, its in the garden, they keep for ages outside and frosting does not hurt them. 3 years ago when we had the very bad winter I kept a stalk outside through all the snow and frost.

Eye seems to have improved as far as it is going to. I managed to do some hand sewing last night, have 3 table mats to sew the binding down on, hope to do them later today.

Its very misty in places, it seems to have cleared here but the Grantham road was quite bad. Drying laundry inside.

I finished sewing down the binding on more table mats, I then went through the box and I think I have enough for the stall, we will also be taking some bric a brak bits as well. Once I have done the market I will open a page on my blog and reduce the prices in an effort to sell all my stock so I can start afresh for next year.

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