Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Another heavy overnight frost, we had to clear the car this morning before our trip to the library and Morrisons.

Lots of people and traffic in the town, and more stalls on the market.

Morrisons had the sacks of spuds for £2 so one is now sitting in the kitchen, should see us over Christmas easily.

No heating on whilst we were out, the house was warm when we got back, but its back on low now. I put it off about 7.30 last night and it was just right for us going to bed. I cannot sleep if the room is too hot.

After two bad nights I zonked out last night and slept through till about 7.30am.

5 books from the library, a few bits of shopping from Morrisons. We decided to go to Aldi on Thursday for 2 weeks shopping and then the week before Christmas for what we need for the holiday.

After Thursday I will have a go at doing some hand sewing see how I get on. just 2 weeks before the stall on the market.

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  1. Happy to hear that you are moving about and feeling well enough to sew! Take care....


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