Friday, 28 November 2014

Another Dreich Day

Very low light levels again today, the rain is supposed to clear later we will see,

My first night last night without my eye shield, better nights sleep thank fully, still feeling tired though.

Laundry dried on the airer is now airing on the radiators, I was reading an article in the news paper yesterday about not drying clothes inside as it encourages the growth of mould that can affect your health. Thats fine but if you do not have room for a dryer how the heck do you dry laundry??? by osmosis???

This afternoon we went on a jaunt to check out a quilt shop we had been told about, very expensive and not a big selection of fabric, disappointing. We then went over to Gate's garden centre and I picked up a small artificial Christmas tree to display stuff on when we do the market. Result!!

Very foggy on the way home and a load of traffic going both ways. Glad to get home and into the warm.

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