Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another bright morning, but it is very cold and there is quite a breeze blowing, hopefully it will dry the load of laundry that's out.

DB was on the front path this morning getting the weeds out from between the slabs. I bought him a special tool with a curved blade some time ago, he has just got round to using it.

I have had a go at making some fabric tree ornaments, decided they were too labour intensive apart from the stuffed trees which I can make up and then stuff and sew the open seams whilst watching TV. So I may do a few more of those.

So now need to think of something else to do, maybe a Christmas table runner or some such. I can play with the new cutter to cut the bits.Will see what I can dream up. I have some fat quarters I can use. I also have a pattern of Bonnie Hunters using strips, might do that.

I have packed up the strip cutter I ordered, must have had a mental aberration, ordered the wrong one, its going to cost me a packet to send it back. Need to check twice when I order something that I am actually ordering what I really want!! Trip to the PO after lunch.

From the machine this afternoon.....

No idea what to do with it though.


  1. So pretty and it would make a lovely little Christmas pillow. Love the fabric.

  2. The red fabric is my favourite Christmas one. I have used a lot of it.
    Helen in France


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