Saturday, 1 November 2014

And again

another lovely sunny morning, with a breeze, forecast was not so hot for Monday so changed the bed and sheets etc are now out on the whirly in the breeze. 

I got my breakfast in bed, DB got up, I was still asleep, so he did the honours this morning, Mt quilty friend phoned to tell me her neighbour, who has been very ill for a long time, had passed away in the night, that means that 4 people in her little close have departed this life this year.

DB went out to plant the daffodil bulbs I got yesterday and finish doing to wood preservative on the shed, it must have been a long time since it was done previously, its soaking in. We also cleared the guttering on the porch.

I had wool left over from the jackets I was knitting so am now making booties and hats to go with them. I cannot sew as my machine is packed away till tomorrow.

We have been summond to DD2's for a small celebration DGD was 21 whilst they were in London, so refreshments and cake are the order of the day, so better go and put some decent clothes on rather than the scruffs I wear about the house.

Adios for now......................

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