Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Messing About Sort Of Day

Another fine but cold day, no laundry today. Cooked pork and bean casserole for supper and also a tea loaf.

DB spent some time in the garden this morning clearing leaves.

This afternoon I put the binding on 3 more mats. I have something to hand sew if my eye is up to it in a couple of days time.

I have put 3 shabby chic cushions into my facebook shop.....

Green and pink

Green Toile du Joye

Pink and cream.

They are complete with the cushion pads.

I may well not post tomorrow, we are out early and then off to the hospital to get my eye done, fingers crossed all goes well this time.


  1. I wish you all the best with your surgery tomorrow and also during your recovery. Let us hear from you as soon as you can. Barb

  2. Love your cushions, fingers crossed your surgery will go ahead as planned. Take a few days off blogging and rest. I'm sure we all understand.

  3. Hope all goes well for you at the hospital. Take it as easy as you can when you get home. The cushions are gorgeous as always.

  4. I also wish you the best. Tell Edwin he is to take really good care of you and let you rest. No palpitations or dizzies. :-)

  5. Oh gosh, they look just like the beauty you made for me Anne! I enjoy it so much - it's right here on a chair at the top of the stairs, so pretty, makes me think of you every day!

    Hope the eye surgery goes well - make sure you do as they tell you afterward, and rest up as much as possible. We'll be here when you feel up to posting again.
    Warm hugs and blessings for a full recovery -
    Love, Mary X

    P.S. What's a 'tea loaf'? Is it fruity by chance?

  6. Love the colours you have chosen to make those cushions - they are gorgeous. Hope that the eye surgery goes well, and that you are OK. Take care of yourself and looking forward to hearing from you when you are recovered. xxx

  7. Good luck with the eye op. I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes according to plan today.
    I love the cushions, so pretty.


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