Sunday, 9 November 2014

A fine morning but cold.....sin out blue sky but brrrrr, at least it was dry for the Remembrance Services this morning.

No a good day for us. DB woke me at 1am with palpitatione, he took his tablets and then went back to sleep, me? I was wide awake until just after 6am, fell into a deep sleep so felt very heavy headed when I did get up. DB said his palps had gone, a few minutes later he announced they were back and he also had a dizzy.....hey I have been running up and down all morning.

I had fixed the old small TV up in the bedroom, so he watched the service from the Cenotaph. I sorted out supper.

After lunch in bed and a further tablet his palpitations went off so he got up and is now down stairs long that will last is debatable.

So no sewing for me today, I am shattered so having an easy afternoon reading wrapped in a fleece on the settee.


  1. We are going to have an arctic blast of cold air coming. I am staying in with a lot of scraps to cut up. How is your new cutting machine working?

  2. Poor DH. Hope you both have a restful Sunday


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