Sunday, 30 November 2014

? Is That The Sun

The sun was shining first thing so I stripped the bed and put the washer on. There was evidence that it had rained quite a bit in the night. Laundry out, at lunch time it began to cloud over.......but it did not rain.

A friend in the south of France sent us a video of their house, Its an old water mill and had a river and the mill lode running through their ground. They were sweeping water out of the house yesterday and the bridge they use to get up to the main road has been washed away. A new bridge was put in last summer. They had 140mm of rain over 2 nights,

DD2 and DGD arrived for a visit after lunch, requested to make a cake for next weeks get together with the rest of the family. Lemon drizzle coming up!!

We were late up this morning so after having  a cooked breakfast we went without lunch, so supper was early tonight.

Some of the laundry dried on the whirly, so whats left is on the airer in the sitting room airing off, it should be ok to iron tomorrow.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Thank Heavens its Morning

Terrible night last night, still awake at 5am and then some low life from somewhere foreign rang at 5 minutes to 8. Not happy. I snarled down the phone and shut it off.......what a daft time to ring on a Saturday morning.

Since getting up the ladder has come in, I need to go into the attic to find a box of Christmas decs I though was in the wardrobe in the sewing room. Carrot cake in the oven, visitors expected tomorrow, and a loaf on.

DB is doing the labels for the sale on stiff card, I have started the list of what we want to take with us, its already half a page long.....I was wondering in the night whether to make up some bags of squares and a couple of kits for the shabby chic cushions. Pricing them could be a problem. We will see.

Its a dry morning, no fog and DB says its quite mild out and the sun is trying to come through.


The stuff is now down from the attic, it was close to the hatch so I did not need to actually go up, just stood on the steps and handed stuff down to DB.

Cannot find the invisible thread for the angels so will have to use white floss.

Its St Andrews day tomorrow, DB has elected to have his haggis, tatties and neeps tonight, we will have whats left with bacon, egg and tomato for breakfast tomorrow.

Tea break over. I need to clear the tables in the sewing room we are going to try out the setting for the stall, I will take a photo with my IPad and take it with me on the day. I also want to make up a couple of kits for the shabby chic cushion covers and some packs of 2 1/2" squares.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Another Dreich Day

Very low light levels again today, the rain is supposed to clear later we will see,

My first night last night without my eye shield, better nights sleep thank fully, still feeling tired though.

Laundry dried on the airer is now airing on the radiators, I was reading an article in the news paper yesterday about not drying clothes inside as it encourages the growth of mould that can affect your health. Thats fine but if you do not have room for a dryer how the heck do you dry laundry??? by osmosis???

This afternoon we went on a jaunt to check out a quilt shop we had been told about, very expensive and not a big selection of fabric, disappointing. We then went over to Gate's garden centre and I picked up a small artificial Christmas tree to display stuff on when we do the market. Result!!

Very foggy on the way home and a load of traffic going both ways. Glad to get home and into the warm.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

How Much?????

.Went to Aldi this morning, with the £10 voucher off my bill was £86!!! ouch. However, I had the turkey crown for Christmas day and also a new chopping board into that so real cost was £66........I just need fresh fruit and veg for the holidays. I did buy a stalk of brussels, its in the garden, they keep for ages outside and frosting does not hurt them. 3 years ago when we had the very bad winter I kept a stalk outside through all the snow and frost.

Eye seems to have improved as far as it is going to. I managed to do some hand sewing last night, have 3 table mats to sew the binding down on, hope to do them later today.

Its very misty in places, it seems to have cleared here but the Grantham road was quite bad. Drying laundry inside.

I finished sewing down the binding on more table mats, I then went through the box and I think I have enough for the stall, we will also be taking some bric a brak bits as well. Once I have done the market I will open a page on my blog and reduce the prices in an effort to sell all my stock so I can start afresh for next year.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Its a nasty morning, dank and wet, DB says its not so cold, the outside thermometer is almost at 10c.I have my long johns on regardless. Think I am going to look for some fleece lined trousers, may be Matalan.

Day in today, nothing spoiling s we were late up, mind you we were reading at 1am and I was still awake at 4.30am must have just dropped off.

Tonight is the last night with the shied on my eye so maybe better sleeps once its off, will try for a snooze this afternoon when DB goes for his siesta.

I am waiting for a payment from quidco to hit my account, its taking long enough to come through, it will go in the holiday account when it does arrive.

Heads up there is an Aldi voucher in tomorrows paper, the Mirror I think, we are going to Aldi so that will be a big help. I am going for mostly store cupboard items. Stuff for Chrimbo will be bought in 2 weeks time.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Another heavy overnight frost, we had to clear the car this morning before our trip to the library and Morrisons.

Lots of people and traffic in the town, and more stalls on the market.

Morrisons had the sacks of spuds for £2 so one is now sitting in the kitchen, should see us over Christmas easily.

No heating on whilst we were out, the house was warm when we got back, but its back on low now. I put it off about 7.30 last night and it was just right for us going to bed. I cannot sleep if the room is too hot.

After two bad nights I zonked out last night and slept through till about 7.30am.

5 books from the library, a few bits of shopping from Morrisons. We decided to go to Aldi on Thursday for 2 weeks shopping and then the week before Christmas for what we need for the holiday.

After Thursday I will have a go at doing some hand sewing see how I get on. just 2 weeks before the stall on the market.

Monday, 24 November 2014

It looks like it snowed

We had a very heavy frost last night, and its still brrrrrrrrrrr although the sun is shining, will be turning the heating thermostat down and leaving the heating on all day. I do not care what it costs I cannot bear to be cold. 

I have broken out the thermals this morning too, might have to go up and put my long johns on, its my legs and feet that get cold.

Monday clean done, DB did the bending down bits for me and hoovered. He also helped me to do the veg and the beef casserole for tonight, There are some beans in the fridge that will bulk it out a bit.

DB went to bed with a dizzy before lunch, we had a trip to Sainsbugs, I needed fish and had vouchers for £26 we got 5 bottles of wine to top up the cellar. Also met an old neighbour at the checkouts, he is still in his flat at the old house, says its freezing. We are cosy and warm.

I have decided to go to Morrisons this week, will leave Aldi shopping until halfway through December, when my eye is better. Its still going ok so far, although I do find the eye patch a bother at night, still only another couple of nights to go and I can leave it off. Will be glad when I can put my head down!!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Credit Card

The call we had yesterday was actually fron the credit card people, not from Tesco. Someone had tried to spend £1000 on our Tesco credit card. It was declined. So now we are to get new cards .....let's hope the same thing does not happen again.


horrid day, wet, cold, grey and miserable.

I am getting cabin fever, time I got outside again.

Eye doing ok, sight continues to improve in my left eye, especially without my glasses. DB is doing a grand job with the eye drops, but we are not talking about cooking meals........I will be taking over most of it tomorrow. He will have to do some of the cleaning though, especially the bath and floors.

I am now reduced to reading his books, I have read all of my own and a couple of his, a visit to the library on Tuesday. Normal service will start to resume next week apart from not lifting heavy stuff or bending forward. I managed to hang the laundry on the airer sitting down yesterday so I did not have to bend down. Its amazing what you can do if you try.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Tired today

Breakfast in bed again this morning, It was quite bright, we had been forecast rain, it arrived at lunchtime.

Eye doing very well. DB is coping but shows signs of stress.....asked him how he thought I managed to cope with him, his problems and all the washing, cooking, cleaning.......He is cooking liver for supper tonight. I had the liver cooked in the freezer but he has to do the bacon to go with it and the veg.

I did manage a sleep this afternoon for a short while.

I have read all my books........

We had a call from Tesco this morning some one had tried to spend £1000 on our credit card. They blocked it, but this is the second time it has happened and both times it has been after I have used the Asda fuel station....hmmmm......we will be getting new cards through the post, I am considering whether to just cut them up. We do not used them very often but they are useful if there is an emergency.

Friday, 21 November 2014

It's Wonderful

What they can do with piece of plastic!!

I had decent nights sleep, no real pain from my eye and no double vision. I did become aware last night that the sight in my left eye was improving this morning it is much better than it has been for a long time. My left eye is now the dominant one, I am much more aware that the right eye will need doing at some point. No sign of swelling, bruising or bloodshot.

DB is on parade this morning, I am having a Jamie day, will get up later, but not get dressed until tomorrow. DB has a history meeting this afternoon, so I may well snooze.

Not sure if I will be able to sew, I got undressed last night by without bending. It's only when you are told not to do something you realise just what you can do.

My sewing chair is adjustable, on the lowest setting my machine is level with my nose. May have a try in a couple of weeks.Cutting will defo be out.

Brekkie time..............

Thursday, 20 November 2014

It's Done

I had my eye done this afternoon,I now have a bionic lens in my eye.

I will be off line for a couple of days, watch this space!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Messing About Sort Of Day

Another fine but cold day, no laundry today. Cooked pork and bean casserole for supper and also a tea loaf.

DB spent some time in the garden this morning clearing leaves.

This afternoon I put the binding on 3 more mats. I have something to hand sew if my eye is up to it in a couple of days time.

I have put 3 shabby chic cushions into my facebook shop.....

Green and pink

Green Toile du Joye

Pink and cream.

They are complete with the cushion pads.

I may well not post tomorrow, we are out early and then off to the hospital to get my eye done, fingers crossed all goes well this time.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sunny Start

to the morning, laundry out on the line before I left for our trip to the library, market and Morrisons.

I got some bits for the fabric trees, prices up styrofoam conical shapes, at £1.40 each I decided they were just not worth it. Each tree uses half a yard of fabric, even though its scraps thats still at least £2.25 using the cheapest fabric, not taking into account the pins and time it takes, you would be lucky of any one paid £4 for each one. Correctly priced they would be at least £7.50.

DB had a good day with his research, he has found some info he had been searching for for a long time.

Yesterday I made a pot of scotch broth, we had some for lunch, delicious,.....

Monday, 17 November 2014

Whats that?

Blue sky, I was told it was going to rain all day, so is it? No!!! there has appeared some patches of blue sky. Yesterdays laundry is still on the airer, wet. I have towels in the washer, may be I will get them dry.

Late up this morning DB switched the alarm off and we both went back to a bit like the cows tail this morning - all behind.

Monday clean done, not sure if it will get done next week we will have to see. I will do the Friday clean on Wednesday so the house is ok after I have had my eye done. Fingers crossed it goes ahead this time please.

More little tree ornaments this afternoon, want to do about a dozen, also saw an idea for a Styrofoam tree, need to see if I can source the materials locally. Pleanty of fabric to do it with and can use the cutter for the pieces.

We had shoulder of lamb yesterday, I got the shank end so a batch of scotch broth on the cards for lunches this week. We will have some of it cold with salad tonight.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Gosh what a day

Late up this morning, I took extra painkillers last night and thankfully slept ok. Bed changed laundry out on the whirly.

Prepared the supper, good job since lunch time we have had 2 lots of visitors!!

DD2 and DGD came just after 2pm and stayed for an hour or so. DB took them home as it was pouring with rain, my laundry was wetter than when I put it out. Put it back through a spin, its now on the airer in the sitting room.

DB came in the door saying that DS2 was in the car park, had just followed him in, so another visitor, good job I made cake. He collected the stuff I had made for DGD's baby.

Supper was on auto pilot, shoulder of lamb.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Dull, grey day and cold again.

We were late getting up this morning, I had to get up at 4am and take more pain killers, my joints were jumping, so needed th extra sleep.

We have turned the sewing room round how I wanted it in the first place, Took us most of the morning.

The small book case at the side of the wardrobe, I can still get at the thermostat for the heating.

Both table together across the end of the room, gives me lots more space to cut out.

The bigger bookcase moved along so the tables can go in.

This afternoons efforts, stuffed Christmas trees and tree decs, folded christmas trees, I need to sort out stars for the top of the stuffed trees, and sew up the holes in the bottom. 

DD2 rang this afternoon she and DGD are coming tomorrow afternoon. DS2 is also threatening to come, so we may have a full house.

Friday, 14 November 2014

It was wet when we got up and got wetter as the morning went on. Did stop after lunch and the sun came out for a while.

Friday clean done, spent the afternoon finishing off a mat and sewing down the binding on it and the runner/hanging.
So finished.....

One table runner/wall hanging, 36" x 12 1/2". Has heat resistant wadding in so can be used on the table under hot dishes.

Selling for £25.00 including postage and packing.

Table centre for seasonal arrangement, candle or turkey dish. 12 1/2" square

£10.00 including postage and packing.

Messing with fabric, trees to hang on the tree made from 8 and 9 inch circles., need to get some gold string for these.

Nothing else done today, it was too wet for DB to go outside so he spent time doing some research on the lap top.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Late Start

after yesterdays emotional afternoon we were shattered so the alarm was put off, it was after 9am when I looked at the clock.

DB in the garden clearing leaves, I finished off unpicking the scribble from the runner. I have now finished it all but sewing the binding down and attaching the sleeve. I am so glad its finished and I can move on to something else.

It went very dark just after 4pm, but so far no rain, heating on and curtains drawn.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Busy Day

Started off wet, rain slashing down. DD2 arrived just after 9am, so not much done this morning. I gave her a lift home with her shopping bags.

After lunch we changed ready to go out. We were going into Leicester to the crematorium to bid farewell to one of OH's bowling pals from his days at Abbey Park. Quite a big turn out of bowlers, many we knew. Several asked if we had travelled down from Scotland!! The news that we are back had not travelled far.

Quick trip to Aldi and home just after 4pm.

The day turned into a very sunny one, dark glasses to the fore, my eyes react badly to bright sunlight.

By the time we got home the sun was setting and the temperature going down,.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The North Wind Doth Blow

well it was windy anyway......and rather cold when I was in the market this morning.

Managed to sort out a charger for DB's phone at last, cost me £10 but saved me having to buy him a new one.

Niece was due for lunch and to collect her hangings. We had a nice lunch, spent time talking about family, filled in some bits for her about her antecedents.

DB spent some time in the library doing more research for his booklet for the bowls club.

I have half undone the scribble I did on the runner yesterday, I have decided what to do with it, will try and tackle it tomorrow after DD2 has been, she has an appointment at the hospital at 8.30 in the morning, she will call in on her way back.

Onwards and they say...........

Monday, 10 November 2014

Sunny Morning

Heavy rain overnight, its drying up, the sun is out and a breeze blowing. A load of laundry out. I am washing as and when I have a full load and a decent drying day.

Monday clean done with help from OH. I did not sleep well at all last night, think I was over tired.

Big pan of soup on the stove, bread to be made later. I have my niece coming tomorrow lunch time to collect the two Christmas tree wall hangings. We will have some of the soup at lunchtime, but it will be better tomorrow when it has stood overnight for the flavour to develop.

Thought I would try and quilt the table runner this afternoon, put in the metallica needle,.....and dropped the feed dogs, threaded the machine and did a test sew,   big mistake, sewed fine for about 10 minutes then the thread started to threaded the machine and needle, started again.....two or three stitches, thread broke. After an hour I have given up. I was getting angry which is not good when I am sewing, either the machine or runner or both could have found them selves out the window. I am going to rip it all out and do the quilting with ordinary old gold thread.

The washing did not dry on the line so its on the airer in the sitting room until after supper then it will go in the kitchen till the morning,

Made bread and sliced the pork from yesterday, it has done enough meat for 4 suppers.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

A fine morning but cold.....sin out blue sky but brrrrr, at least it was dry for the Remembrance Services this morning.

No a good day for us. DB woke me at 1am with palpitatione, he took his tablets and then went back to sleep, me? I was wide awake until just after 6am, fell into a deep sleep so felt very heavy headed when I did get up. DB said his palps had gone, a few minutes later he announced they were back and he also had a dizzy.....hey I have been running up and down all morning.

I had fixed the old small TV up in the bedroom, so he watched the service from the Cenotaph. I sorted out supper.

After lunch in bed and a further tablet his palpitations went off so he got up and is now down stairs long that will last is debatable.

So no sewing for me today, I am shattered so having an easy afternoon reading wrapped in a fleece on the settee.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Wet and windy and a visitor

Very dank, wet and windy day, it did stop raining for a short time, but it has mostly continued all day.

DD1 landed just after 10am, so we had a good chat, she gave the house and garden the once over, its the first time she has been since we moved in.

They went to Jamaica on holiday, she enjoyed it, but they had to use a guide if they wanted to go out of the complex. They were warned never to go out alone. She said they went to 22 weddings whilst they were there. DGD was to have been married during their stay, fortunately she realised that she was doing the wrong thing and gave the chap the heave. She now has a really nice man, and is on holiday with him in Sharm el Shek.

Nothing done except cook the supper, meat balls in tomato sauce  with spaghetti and garlic bread. We will finish the apple and blackberry crumble off for dessert. Sewing ha taken a step back today.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Wet Friday

Woke up to the sound of rain sloshing down the windows, it appears to have been raining quite heavily all night,

Friday clean done, the sun tried to shine, but gave up the ghost. By mid morning the rain had cleared.

Stollen all gone so a ring of scones made for afternoon tea, our usual Friday supper tonight, fish, wedges and peas. Apple and blackberry crumble for dessert with custard.

The block I made the other day has now been joined by 2 more and turned into a table runner/wall hanging. I will put a hanging sleeve on the back so it has dual use.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Another very cold day today. We do not set the alarm on days when we do not have anything on, so we were late up this morning. DB spent time getting the leaves up from under the hedge at the front of the car park. No one else seems to bother and he hates to see it messy.

I decided to do a tutorial on the Christmas mat, its at the top of the page. Took me ages, I had to keep stopping to take photographs, its done now. I just hope people can understand it.

Tomorrow is Friday so the Friday clean to do. DB came in with a bag of apples from the tree, so I made an apple crumble to have after our supper.

I sm pleased with my sewing room, I am far more inclined to go in and sew now I have so much more space.

DD2 still has not got her boiler sorted, I have a feeling its going to be a new one. The council put it in a few years ago. Her immersion heater has also packed in so she has no hot water. Thankfully she has a wood burner in the sitting room so they are warm, the chimney goes up between the two bedrooms so it also keeps the bedrooms warm.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another bright morning, but it is very cold and there is quite a breeze blowing, hopefully it will dry the load of laundry that's out.

DB was on the front path this morning getting the weeds out from between the slabs. I bought him a special tool with a curved blade some time ago, he has just got round to using it.

I have had a go at making some fabric tree ornaments, decided they were too labour intensive apart from the stuffed trees which I can make up and then stuff and sew the open seams whilst watching TV. So I may do a few more of those.

So now need to think of something else to do, maybe a Christmas table runner or some such. I can play with the new cutter to cut the bits.Will see what I can dream up. I have some fat quarters I can use. I also have a pattern of Bonnie Hunters using strips, might do that.

I have packed up the strip cutter I ordered, must have had a mental aberration, ordered the wrong one, its going to cost me a packet to send it back. Need to check twice when I order something that I am actually ordering what I really want!! Trip to the PO after lunch.

From the machine this afternoon.....

No idea what to do with it though.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


it was a cold trip to the market this morning. thermal jacket, hat, gloves and waterproof coat on, nice and warm.

Left DB to go on to the library, I got the fruit and veg I needed, popped into Morrisons for a couple of things there and then made my way home.

It was misty when we went out but by 11am the mist had cleared and we had bright sun and blue skies, hope it holds tomorrow I have laundry that needs doing, if I set the clock on the washer for tonight it will be ready to hang out when we have had breakfast in the morning.


Turned the other way

                                  Wall hanging/table runner

I am now working on fabric Christmas trees to hang on the tree and some other small tree ornaments. Then I will go back to the stockings needed a change.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Its Gone

The bed that is....3 chaps came to collect it, they were surprised that it was down stairs.

Fine, cold but sunny morning, I have a load of laundry out on the whirly, hope it dries ok.

This is the orchid I got from Ikea some 19 months ago, it put up the flower stalk a few weeks ago, there are still 4 flowers to come out.

DB out in the garden, no idea what he is doing. Monday clean done, after my morning tea I am off upstairs to finish unpicking a Christmas stocking, I managed to sew the hanging loop into the back seam..ooppppsss.

I cooked a small turkey joint from Aldi last night, enough left for tonight and maybe a couple of sandwiches. It was £3 which would have been quite expensive had we eaten it all last night, but as it is it will work out at about 59p a portion.

At last we have had the final bill from E-on we changed at the beginning of September so its taken them 8 weeks to sort it out. I read the meters each monday, so I have checked the readings were ok. I need to pay it this morning out of the way, the cash has been sitting in the energy account since we moved.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

It had been wet again overnight and we had another downpour mid morning,

The two hunks arrived and moved the bed down stairs ready for it to be collected tomorrow, we then set too and put everything back, put the legs on the table, so I have the two Ikea tables up, I may change the layout at some point but will see how it works for now.

We went to DD2's yesterday sp the veg I did for last night supper we will have tonight. A nice gathering of relations, with a little one thrown in for good luck.

The sewing room is done and everything put back, there is a distinct chance it may get changed again, but for now its fone.

More space each side of the wardrobe, I can get to the thermostat now and have room for storage either side.

The sewing machine is right under the window so brilliant for natural daylight sewiing.

The cutting corner, can you see the boxes of fabric under the tables???

The shelf units with book, threads, notions etc on, more space for storage at the far side too. I have the dies for the cutting machine on the shelves too.

I am shattered, but its a good job done, there is much more room and I feel less claustrophobic when I am sewiing. Fingers crossed they turn up for the bed tomorrow, its in the sitting room waiting.

This is an orchid I bought last year from Ikea, there are another 4 flowers to come out on it.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

And again

another lovely sunny morning, with a breeze, forecast was not so hot for Monday so changed the bed and sheets etc are now out on the whirly in the breeze. 

I got my breakfast in bed, DB got up, I was still asleep, so he did the honours this morning, Mt quilty friend phoned to tell me her neighbour, who has been very ill for a long time, had passed away in the night, that means that 4 people in her little close have departed this life this year.

DB went out to plant the daffodil bulbs I got yesterday and finish doing to wood preservative on the shed, it must have been a long time since it was done previously, its soaking in. We also cleared the guttering on the porch.

I had wool left over from the jackets I was knitting so am now making booties and hats to go with them. I cannot sew as my machine is packed away till tomorrow.

We have been summond to DD2's for a small celebration DGD was 21 whilst they were in London, so refreshments and cake are the order of the day, so better go and put some decent clothes on rather than the scruffs I wear about the house.

Adios for now......................