Thursday, 30 October 2014

Wet, wet, wet

But it is drying up.

This morning the long ladder came in to put stuff up in the attic. The single bed in the sewing room has had the head board taken off,  everything off the big bookshelves plus the crates of fabric are in our bedroom along with the sewing machine and table, there is just enough room for us to get into bed and no more, clothes for tomorrow and the weekend have been taken out of the wardrobe and stacked on OH's chair or hung up from the slatted shelves in the airing cupboard.

I am off to visit my quilting friend tomorrow and I really did not want to start moving stuff on Saturday, so its all done and ready.

It had rained over night but cleared during the morning and its starting to dry up. OH says its much milder than yesterday outside.

DD1 sent a message to say she is coming over, not sure if she meant this week end or next but we will be around anyway.

This Sunday will be spent putting the sewing room back once the bed is downstairs for collection, unless it sells in the mean time.

Quick visit to Mr T this after noon for a couple of things I cannot get anywhere else. The car park was almost empty, just a few cars, so a quick trip round, out and home again.

Its starting to get dark and the temperature is dropping......time for the heating to come on.

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