Monday, 13 October 2014

Wet, wet, wet

Woke up to rain and at 3pm, its still raining, quite cold with it. I put the heat back on a short while ago, I was so cold.

Went to get our feet done and post 4 letters, got soaked running from the house to the car....

I have spent quite some time on the internet doing some research. My hands are proving to be a problem and its getting more frequent. My right hand seized up on my rotary cutter on Saturday, the blade was locked open, so I dare not try to extract it myself, had to get DB to undo my fingers using the hair dryer to warm my hand up. I had been looking at the Go cutters for a while, I am really thinking it would be the answer to allow me to continue quilting, cost made me suck in air quick, but DB and the children said they would cover the cost between them, so its ordered. Should arrive on Wednesday.

No Monday clean done, it can wait till next week, I need to see if I can remove the pen from the inner works of the dyson. Next Tuesday I will hopefully be getting my eye done....fingers and everything else crossed please.


  1. I think the Go Cutter will be a nice asset for you that can keep you quilting...great idea and how nice it's being gifted to you by your family. I'm hoping you are able to get your eye surgery next week and that all goes well. I had both of my eyes done in 2000 and it has made a tremendous difference. Best Wishes.

  2. Looks like cutting dies and mat might be on order for next year. You will know if you like it by then.


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