Saturday, 11 October 2014

Was that Saturday

The bowls presentation meal was very good, but the actual presentation was a shambles. We were home by 10pm and in bed just after but neityher of us cold sleep, we were still reading at 2am.

Up again just after 8am waiting for the chap to come and do the back door and 2 windows. It was 11am before he arrived, however, all done and dusted now.

DD2 has phoned she thinks she has slipped a disc in her back......not good.

Not much else done really, just cleared up after the chaps had gone and did a bit of sewing. Not a happy bunny, the thread kept breaking and I had prbolems threading the needle. I finished the quilting and put the binding on, just have to finish that off. I was watching a video on finishing the binding, can I find it now.....??? no. I thought I had bookmarked it.

Just settling down after supper to watch 'Strictly'

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