Saturday, 4 October 2014


To anyone who reads my blog. If you get a message which appears to be from my old silver sewer blog do not open it. It appears that someone may have managed to get hold of my blog details and used them to send links. This is the message I received from a follower.

 a whole lot of foreign movies, 25 when I last 
counted, mostly foreign I think, have appeared in my reader list tonight, ALL AT 
ONCE when I checked in - and I notice the address showing is -

Did someone take over your old blog name somehow? I thought that was 
impossible and that Blogger doesn't allow it.

The name on each one is - diah inggahwati at COLLECTION MOVIE HD

If you still have my silversewer blog on your reading list, please delete it, that should solve the problem.

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  1. Thank you for this info, I wondered if it was someones old blog but didn't know where to start looking. I will go and delete it now.


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