Friday, 17 October 2014

The sun has got his hat on...hip hip hip hooray!!

And it is quite mild out, so DB tells me. I have been too busy doing the Friday clean and nagging him to do the pile of filing sitting on top of the cupboard where we keep the files.

DB is off to a history group this afternoon, I am going to pick up DD2 and take her to the hairdressers. Apparently DGD's boyfriend/partner is picking her up and taking her shopping. I hope she can manage to walk round.

I have to go to Wilkinsons and get a new bulb for the kitchen light fitting, the one that shines on the table is the one thats out, it gets a bit murky at times.

No knitting this afternoon as I will be out, will maybe get a bit more done whilst watching TV later.

The open toe foot for my sewing machine has arrived, so it will be easier to do the blanket stitch on dark fabric now, I can clearly see where I am supposed to be going. Will hopefully get more sewing done tomorrow. I forgot to put the hanger on the one I did yesterday, so have to undo the binding and slip one in, then re-stitch the binding back. No idea why but my needle threader had stopped working, yesterday it worked perfectly......strange, wonder if I had not got the needle in the right position for the hook to go through the eye of the needle. I have a job threading the needle otherwise, takes me several attempts. I have found that running the thread through beeswax helps.

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