Saturday, 25 October 2014


but brrrrr....... it was 5c in the garden first thing. The sun is out but not really much warmth in it.

I thought we were back in the flat, had to dry the condensation off the two bedroom windows. The front downstairs and kitchen were ok.

Off to the town only to the library to get books, no side trip to shops, holding on to my pennies.

I just have the sleeves and yoke to do on a second baby coat, should finidh t sometime in the week. I want to spend this afternoon quilting the two wall hangings and getting the binding on, then they can join the two sitting on the back of the settee waiting to have the binding sewn down. Then it will be back to the stockings.

Yesterdays laundry aired and put away, the laundry bin is starting to fill up again, just like the magic porridge pot!!

Soup for lunch, I made a big pot of leek and lentil, it has lasted us for lunches 3 days.

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