Friday, 10 October 2014


Another sunny morning, lets hope it does not go as yesterday did and chuck it down with rain later.

Friday clean done, I have managed to suck a pen into my Dyson cleaner. Might have to take it to bits, its not in any of the pipes I can take off, just hope nothing gets caught on it and it blocks the whole thing up.

DB has agreed for me to pass on the single bed in the sewing room. At the moment the big wardrobe is close to the thermostat for the heating, not a problem now but might be as the winter goes on. We did not have a spare bedroom in the last house we had down here, it was only when we moved back to Scotland I decided we needed to have a spare room for visitors. We still have the bed settee in the sitting room if we are desperate, considering getting it recovered. It is heavy to move, might be able to get better heavy duty castors put on it so it moves easier.

We are out for supper tonight, I need to sort out something to wear. Its the Bowls Club presentation night, hope all the ladies are not in fancy frocks. I only have one frock and its not suitable for tonight, so it will either be a skirt and top or trousers and a top. We are due to eat at 7.30, guess I will not sleep too well tonight, we do not usually eat any later than 6.30. Its 3 courses as well.
DB has cleaned the windscreens inside and outside on the car, the back wiper was making a heck of a din yesterday so he has taken it off and cleaned the blade.

DD2 due after lunch, she put off her visit yesterday due to the rain, she was working last night, did not want to get soaked twice in one day. Leek and potato soup made for lunch with fresh bread, made yesterday.

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