Wednesday, 8 October 2014


The last 24 hours have been a bit hectic.

Last night my 18 yr old grand daughter announced she was 22 weeks pregnant......Shock horror!! I am quite angry, she had a career ahead of her and to make matters worse the boy concerned is unemployed and they are not 'together' any more. She has a new boy friend,who is, to say the least shell shocked.

Her Dad was here today, he is not happy, but as he says its happened and it has to be coped with.

DS2 did the jobs we had and has put a second shelf in the airing cupboard for me which is brilliant, 

Load of laundry on the line when it chucked it down with rain, I left them out. Ended up putting them back in the washer to spin, they are now on the airer in the sitting room. I have had the heat on earlier but its off now.

Phone call for the hospital, I have a new appointment in 3 weeks time for my cataract surtgery.

To crown everything DB came down and said he had the dreaded palps again just 2 weeks after the last lot. He is getting them more regularly. We see the consultant re his dizzies tomorrow.


  1. Bless her heart! And everyone else's That's hard no matter but your son is right. What's done is done and will now work it out and make plans for a new precious baby. I can only imagine how the new bf is feeling. Lots to deal with. :(
    Will say a prayer for you guys.

    3-weeks. Re-planning again. Hope it goes through this time.

  2. Oops well the little one is on its way - good job it has such a talented Great Nanny (I'm thinking of your beautiful quilts) your Granddaughter can still have her career with some determination, hard work and support - she'll just be 12-24 months later getting to the top of her career ladder that's all - 3 weeks isnt too long to wait for your op - so thats good and I hope that hubby gets something sorted tomorrow xxx

  3. Families... always something to cope with isn’t there .
    Sending you all best wishes for everything to fall into place. Things do work out I have found. You have each other and that is important.
    Your granddaughter must have so much going through her mind right now, I hope the new BF is able to stand by her, its a hard thing for the young people to deal with.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  4. Oh gosh, that was a shock I'm sure - she must have been hiding her bump well!
    She will have a tough time ahead with the biological father unemployed and seemingly out of the picture, and being a single mum is never easy. Hopefully this new guy is decent and will perhaps stick around, but if he doesn't who can blame him, most guys aren't interested in raising another's child. As for the innocent baby, let's just pray it's healthy and that mum is getting pre-natal care by now.

    Will this be your first great-grandchild Anne?

    Thinking of you all and wishing you well……Mary x


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