Tuesday, 14 October 2014

More rain.

Wet again this morning. Trip into town to the library left OH in there whilst I went to the market and Morrisons.

Nipped to post a parcel whilst I was out.

DB home on the bus. He has had 2 dizzies so far today.......

Why is it I can knit a complicated pattern no problem, but a sinple zig zag has had me ripping stitches out 3 times so far, if I do not get it right this time I will use a different pattern!!

DD2 is off sick with her back, she could be off for a month......do not think they will be happy about that where she workd they were already 2 seniors down and now she is off. Someone is going to have to get off their btm and sort something out pdq.

Still ripping out the machine quilting on the tree hanging. I might do a bit more at it later, its hard on the eyes as the stitches are quite small. Hey ho...


  1. Oh I hear you on the zig zag pattern, so glad it is not just me! After three attempts I have put it back in the cupboard 'till next winter.

  2. Hope the knitting has gone right for you and your go cutter has arrived hugs ginny


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