Monday, 20 October 2014


Another fine day and the wind has dropped. Towels out, it started to rain DB brought the towels in now the sun is blasting down again.

Why do people expect something for nothing??? I put the single divan we have on gumtree for £120. It is in really excellent condition and was very expensive when we bought it. Some one wanted it for £75. No way, they must think I am daft. They said as I seemed anxious to get rid of it they would take it away for me....!! What cheek.......

Monday clean done, tomorrows surgery has been cancelled and rebooked for November. Phone call this morning, so I had to contact my GP (mr does it really matter) I spoke to a different Dr as MDIRM was not in today. Script on its way to the chemist should get it tomorrow.

I was sad to read that Linda Bellingham has died, cancer is such a dreadful disease. I applaud her decision not to have further treatment. She was a very brave lady. It is a decision I made some time ago. I have enjoyed my life and if I should develop cancer I would prefer to be allowed to die with dignity. I saw a friend go through chemo, it robbed her of her personality and drew out her illness for over 2 years. Her family had to sit and watch her go through it.

DB spent the morning in the front on the thankless task of scraping up all the leaves from the trees, two minutes later it was just as bad again.


  1. Good question. But yes, lots of people expect something for nothing.

    Prayers eventually you'll get your eyes sorted. Is the infection better/gone?

    I was also saddened to hear about Lynda B. My mom passed from colon cancer. Tis an awful cancer.

  2. There's a certain section of society who because they've had it easy and have never had to work hard for their money always believe that they should always have whatever they want for as little effort or money as possible - I hope you told him where to go with his cheeky offer Anne!! Xxx


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